Friday, 6 September 2013

Vogue 2880

Pretty in Pink

With my wedding dress and coat now complete, I  suddenly found myself totally lost without any sewing to do. Before the coat and dress I hadn't sewn in many years and I had totally forgotten just how much I enjoyed it. Suddenly I am addicted again.
I wanted to make something quite challenging again, an advanced level pattern (from start to finish  rather than something I had adapted) to see if I still could. Then suddenly out of the blue, a family wedding which was planned for 2014 was  brought forward and was then only 6 months away. Bingo! Now I had another dress to make! And a fancy one at that. Even better was that I got to wear this beautiful dress again on our Transatlantic cruise :)

I scoured the pattern books and Vogue 2880 jumped out at me! I bought some beautiful  Poly chiffon georgette and for the lining some Polyester Satin in this beautiful Cerise pink colour. I absolutely loved making this dress, the detail on it is incredible. Do not expect to make this dress in a weekend! It took about 6 hours to cut out and goodness knows how many hours to make, but worth every second. 

I mentioned on pattern review about trying to include a close up of the ruffle finish. I couldn't upload it there so I will add it here

Absolutely loved every second of making this dress. Every process was interesting and exciting with the perfect end result. Highly recommend this pattern if you have the time and ability to do it. Fabulous! Thank you Vogue :)

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Vogue 2880 Pattern Envelope