Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vogue 8598

I seem to be getting the hang of this blogging thing now and I am really enjoying it! I did wonder when I first started doing this, if it would take the fun out of sewing? Yet it doesn't at all. If anything it adds to it; like this is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle going in to make it all finally complete :)

So here to begin with my latest project....

For those of you who read my Post on Simplicity 2339 you may remember me saying that I am not a huge fan of wearing shirts. However, I think with these sleeves, Vogue 8598 is not just any shirt! I love gathers and this pattern just had me reaching for my wallet.

I missed this pattern when it when it first came out because it was before I had rekindled my love of sewing.  After a long, long break I didn't start sewing again until January last year (2012) when I began making my Winter Wonderland Wedding Coat and Wedding Dress. I think I must have picked this pattern up just in the nick of time as it's now sadly out of print. I have noticed that it is however still available for purchase from their US Website.

There are 5 different views on the pattern envelope; I guess 3 of them are fairly box standard shirts and can be found from most pattern companies, like for example Butterick 5678 and Simplicity 2447 but for me, Vogue 8598 is all about the sleeves.....

I mean, just look at them, aren't they awesome?!! They are almost renaissance! The sleeves are the sole reason I choose this pattern. And they are actually also much fuller than they appear on the pattern envelope (much to my delight!)

I had quite a few fit issues with this shirt, but it was worth the perseverance. I used a lovely Poly Cotton Available Here in a Denim Blue but I would love to make this shirt again in White. A white one would go perfectly with my black waistcoat (coming to my blog soon).

For the photos, I teamed this shirt with a self-drafted skirt made from Navy Blue Ponte Roma. I basically just cut a rectangle with my waist measurement for the width and then the length was the finished length of the skirt plus 2" (1" for elastic in the waist and 1" for the hem). Simples! I made this skirt in 30 minutes!

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Thanks for looking ~ Keep Smiling

The Winter~Queen

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