Thursday, 14 November 2013

Burda 7140

I think we can safely say that Autumn has certainly made its presence felt here in Cornwall these past few weeks! Not that I am complaining when it has given me something other than a dress or a shirt to get stuck into. I am so very often inspired by seasons. Does anyone else get this too?

This jacket is Burda 7140. Burda do some amazing modern, funky designs.  This pattern is categorised as "Young Burda" but don't let that deter you! This is a versatile jacket pattern that can be dressed up or down, suitable for any age. I made View B with the peplum, but there is a good mix and match variety with this pattern.

Pattern diagram

I'm not entirely certain what this fabric is. Hubby will tell you it looks like carpet! (It doesn't!) After  popping in Waterstones bookshop and walking up the stairs, his comment is "Ooh this carpet looks like the fabric you just bought!"
Maybe this is what he is referring to....?

He never fails to make me smile :)

Anyway, husbands jokes aside, its a polyester jersey with a subtle stretch but then has the black/brown woven tweed effect woven on the top of the stretch. This is the best I could I do on taking a close up photo of it. Does it really look like that carpet...? Lol I think not!

I bought it from Truro Fabrics store but unfortunately its not available on their website, but this jacket would also look great made out of these Boiled Wool Jerseys and Boiled wool blend jerseys which come in an array of beautiful colours! Or for something that little bit different these Wool Blend Boucle Fabrics would look fantastic.

To funk it up a bit, I decided to use a bright coloured contrast lining (orange for Autumn!). In fact its that bright it's almost florescent! I am a huge fan of Tricot for lining stretch knits and jersey fabrics but its not that easy to get hold of here in the UK. White Lodge Fabrics do a limited selection of colours and seem to be the only place where I can find it, but if anyone knows where else it is sold in the UK please do drop me a line and let me know :)

Above and below: as you can see..... Bright!!

To keep in with my brown/orange theme, I used used a brass zip exposed. Exposed zips seem to have been "in" of late. I used to hate them, but they are growing on me now, especially used as a contrast. I am finally coming round to the idea that a feature zip can look quite effective! I think it's made a nice finishing touch.

And finally, a slightly different look worn with my gorgeous silk chiffon scarf (originally featured HERE with my pumpkin orange dress)

Thanks for Looking ~ Keep Smiling :)

The Winter~Queen


  1. I love it! It fits really nicely and I'm a sucker for a subtle peplum. AND bonus with the fun, bright lining. Nice work!

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  3. Beautiful jacket... love the pop of orange.

  4. Looks great! I am working on the same pattern. It's my first time to do a jacket with lining and I cannot figure out how to put the zipper in and can't understand the last step! Any advice?

    1. Hi April, I am sorry for late reply, we have been away from home since mid December and just arrived back. Have you managed to figure out the zipper part yet? It's been a good few weeks since I made this jacket but I remember that I just top stitched the zipper in (leaving gthe teeth exposed) but then hand stitched the lining to the inside afterwards. I always find this is neater. Hope that helps! :)x