Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Simplicity 2556

The Wonders of a Waistcoat

This waistcoat was the first thing I made after our Lapland Wedding and honeymoon cruise. So the first day wear item really! I enjoyed sewing for our wedding so much I have been sewing ever since. I wasn't blogging back then but as I mentioned this waistcoat in one of my Previous Posts, and this is after all a diary/log of everything I make, I thought it about time I included it. 

I had never made a waistcoat until my now husband and I decided to get married. I made my Winter Wonderland Wedding Coat and Wedding Dress  for our Big Day and as the fabric I used for my dress was also available in an Ice Blue, I decided I would make hubby a waistcoat and cravat to match. 

It's pictured here without the buttons and buttonholes (unfinished!). It was -4'c in The Ice Chapel where we married so needless to say there are no photos of hubby wearing JUST his (finished) waistcoat!!

Pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed making this, once all the wedding and honeymoon cruise sewing was over, I wanted to have a go at one for myself. I picked Simplicity 2556 because when I was looking for a waistcoat pattern I just loved everything about the black one in the main photo on the pattern envelope (View A).

So much so I made it (almost) exactly the same right down to the Grommet Trim. It's such an unusual take a waistcoat I had to have one!
I say "almost exactly" because there is one thing that I did change and that is the notched collar. I made mine un-notched. I also added an extra button so the front looked more symmetrical.

But, I have to say it's the shape of the back that I like the most. And I loved how they made the yoke and collar from a satin fabric but the lower back was in the main fabric, so of course I did the same. Although when I made this, I lined the yoke rather than just turning under the side edges. That wouldn't do at all lol! ;)

I used a black liquid satin for the back and collar, a remnant left over from a previous project but there is a budget one HERE or for super quality check out THIS ONE.
The fabric for the waistcoat itself was from my stash of many many moons ago when I used to sew as a mere youngster! I don't know what it is but it has a slight stretch to it which was useful for ease of construction. It is not that clear on the photos but it has a very fine pinstripe in white.

This photo shows it (and the grommet trim) much better

It's quite an unusual take on a waistcoat, and everything about it appealed to me. I was so chuffed I was even able to find the exact matching grommet trim!

And finally... ooh la la!

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Thanks for looking ~ Keep Smiling :)

The Winter~Queen 


  1. Super cute. Love the extra details you added. Even more than the inspiration piece :)