Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vogue 8742 - Pumpkin Orange!

"Happy Halloween!"

This is now my favourite dress that I have made so far. I just LOVE this colour!! I've called it Pumpkin Orange, seeing as it is just that, and we are after all on Halloween. I have never worn or made a dress (or anything for that matter) this vibrantly bright before, and that is exactly why I bought it. Sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and this dress is my prime example why.

I love jersey knits as I'm sure I have mentioned before. They are comfortable to wear and also practical. Ponte Roma is my favourite jersey knit and I have several colours in my stash. They are available from HERE in an array of beautiful colours; the pricing is good at time of blogging and I highly rate the seller.  But if you really want some top quality TRY THESE they are fabulous. These from Minerva Crafts are also excellent and also offer a vast variety of colours

I only bought Pumpkin Orange a few days ago (the seller calls in tangerine) and when it arrived I was on it like a flash and had it cut out on the very same day! I hadn't even planned on making another dress just yet.

The pattern is Vogue 8742. I made View B. Its a Very Easy Vogue pattern and it IS, exactly that. Again, it's another that is now Out of Print in the UK but still available from the US website. This is not only my new favourite dress but also my new favourite pattern so far too. I love everything about it. Those gathers down the side front are such a simple but effective idea and this pattern lends itself to both patterned and plain knits. It would also look absolutely gorgeous in something like THIS and THESE. Or for summer, the sleeveless version would look fabulous and pretty in these Funky Cotton Jerseys !

My initial idea was to team my new Pumpkin Orange dress with black. And you have to admit, the contrast does look pretty striking!

But then I spotted the most beautiful autumnal window display of silk scarves in my local craft market (Sadly the photo doesn't do it the justice it deserves) and once again I found myself drawn to these beautiful colours

Well I couldn't just walk by could I? The colours were shouting out to be worn with this dress and I have to say, I think this dress looks loads better with this gorgeous scarf.

The scarf is hand painted on a so, so soft silk chiffon and it is Mmmm, lush! Unfortunately there isn't a website but you can email for details. (or you could visit our lovely seaside town and see for yourselves!) All the scarves are so luxurious and so much time and care has been spent on hand painting each one. You can never have too many scarves so I can see I will be paying this shop another visit (or two) in the not too distant future....

Scarf close up

The button detail on the back neck opening

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vogue 8598

I seem to be getting the hang of this blogging thing now and I am really enjoying it! I did wonder when I first started doing this, if it would take the fun out of sewing? Yet it doesn't at all. If anything it adds to it; like this is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle going in to make it all finally complete :)

So here to begin with my latest project....

For those of you who read my Post on Simplicity 2339 you may remember me saying that I am not a huge fan of wearing shirts. However, I think with these sleeves, Vogue 8598 is not just any shirt! I love gathers and this pattern just had me reaching for my wallet.

I missed this pattern when it when it first came out because it was before I had rekindled my love of sewing.  After a long, long break I didn't start sewing again until January last year (2012) when I began making my Winter Wonderland Wedding Coat and Wedding Dress. I think I must have picked this pattern up just in the nick of time as it's now sadly out of print. I have noticed that it is however still available for purchase from their US Website.

There are 5 different views on the pattern envelope; I guess 3 of them are fairly box standard shirts and can be found from most pattern companies, like for example Butterick 5678 and Simplicity 2447 but for me, Vogue 8598 is all about the sleeves.....

I mean, just look at them, aren't they awesome?!! They are almost renaissance! The sleeves are the sole reason I choose this pattern. And they are actually also much fuller than they appear on the pattern envelope (much to my delight!)

I had quite a few fit issues with this shirt, but it was worth the perseverance. I used a lovely Poly Cotton Available Here in a Denim Blue but I would love to make this shirt again in White. A white one would go perfectly with my black waistcoat (coming to my blog soon).

For the photos, I teamed this shirt with a self-drafted skirt made from Navy Blue Ponte Roma. I basically just cut a rectangle with my waist measurement for the width and then the length was the finished length of the skirt plus 2" (1" for elastic in the waist and 1" for the hem). Simples! I made this skirt in 30 minutes!

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Butterick 5917

Butterick 5917 is one of those patterns that I just had to buy instantly. Let's just say it's my kind of style! I bought it back in June/July with every intention of it becoming my next project. Needless to say, as it's now October that it didn't. Not through lack of time (although time IS tight for me over the summer months!) or enthusiasm or anything like that, I just couldn't seem to find the right fabric. In the end, it wasn't fabric that caught my eye at all, it was this little number:

I loved the idea of making this dress in a red and black polka dot so this is how it came about. I then had a look around on-line at other red and black dresses and most seemed to be a predominantly red with black polka dot top and a black skirt, so to be different I mixed it up a bit. 

You may have already noticed that I also changed the sleeves on this dress.

The sleeves on B5917 are very plain and mine are gathered. I wanted to compliment the gathers on the bodice front so I used the sleeve pattern from Vogue 8555 which has a gathered sleeves and sleeve bands. Even without my gathered sleeves, the visual interest on this dress is definitely in the bodice and  the high waistline makes the whole thing very flattering.

To make this dress, I used a red Polyester bi-stretch suiting for the skirt. and the bodice is a lovely Black/Red polka dot print stretch cotton. This a great fabric to work with and because of the stretch it's comfortable to wear and can be very forgiving! But it's a pattern open to a multitude of fabrics; experiment and enjoy :)

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

McCalls 6801

Autumnal Rouching!

I am very fond of All things seasonal, particularly when it comes to Autumn/Winter. Seasonal colours really excite me! So it goes without saying really that this also applies to my sewing. Enter this gorgeous Jersey viscose stretch fabric from Its drapes beautifully, it's lovely and soft and it was great to work with.

I purchased this some months ago whilst I was actually looking for some fabric to make a dress for my Mum's birthday present! I adore jersey fabrics, they are my favourite. I always get the best fit with a jersey, they don't crease and above all they are comfortable to wear. When I bought this fabric I didn't have a dress in mind but when McCalls 6801 came out, it had this fabric written all over it. For the lining I used a thin cotton jersey (Similar here) because I couldn't find any Tricot in the right colour at the time, and I was impatient to want to start sewing!

There is quite a lot of detail with all the gathers on this dress (I made View B) you can see it more easily on the pattern diagram, but as the pattern envelope shows, a busy fabric pattern actually works! 

My Autumnal Version!

Above and below: Front detail close up

I can see I am just going to have to make this dress again in a plain fabric as I'm sure it would look just as amazing. 
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The Winter~Queen

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vogue 1328

Kay Unger (New York) Dress

When I first saw Vogue 1328 designed by Kay Unger, somehow I only saw the red version of it and  didn't give it a second glance. But then some months later I spotted this purple version which really caught my eye.

 Then suddenly... inspiration! I had a vision of seeing this colour blocked in my favourite 2 colours together of pink and black.

With my new vision, I wanted to give this pattern a try as never having made a cowl neckline before I was keen to know how it went together. The side pleats on the front skirt and back midriff make this simple style quite effective.

Both the black and the pink fabrics are a ponte knit and both leftover from previous items I made. The pink I purchased some months ago from Ditto Fabrics to make a skirt, but this colour doesn't seem to be in stock at the moment. There is a similar one HERE and I know this to be nice quality as I have purchased this fabric from this seller in other colours.
The black I confess I bought for a dress that I made back in the very early 1990's!! So if you are ever thinking of throwing out your leftovers from a project, DON'T! It might just come in handy some 20 years later lol.
If you are looking for a similar fabric, Truro Fabrics have a lovely Ponte Knit in black HERE

Of course, true to form, Hubby's comment on this finished dress was "Did you run out of fabric..?" Never a dull moment in our house :)

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