Tuesday, 31 December 2013

McCalls 6844

Happy New Year!

Another year over and another about to just begin. Where has the time gone to? We have just got back from our wonderful trip spending Christmas in New York City. It was our 2nd visit there but even 2nd time around it's a real culture shock to us Brits! What an amazing city. I have been absent from my blog for about 4 weeks now and that was why. We sailed over, taking 7 days so that was another trip in itself!

Because of the trip, I was sewing frantically throughout November into early December, so now it's time to share those sewing experiences with you.

This was the first item I made for the trip back in early November so it seems forever ago now! What can I say about this wonderful pattern? Other than the fact it seems that everyone loves it! It has been popular for weeks now and I am guessing it's just going to be one of those classics that will remain popular for some time.  It was the first of the new McCalls autumn range that caught my eye but as they come out several weeks later here in the UK I had to wait to get my hands on it.

The pattern is McCalls 6844 a close fitted cardigan with several view options. I made View C, the one with the peplum as this was what attracted me to it. The pattern specifies that the Cardigan doesn't meet in the middle yet I found that it wrapped over quite nicely. I teamed it with a belt and a self drafted pencil skirt, also featured on my blog HERE.  I love this look.

I read the instructions before making the cardigan up and was surprised to see just how easy construction actually is. And quick too! If you are after a smart, flattering, quick easy make, this is the one!

I have had this fabric for some time. It was intended for something else but the something else got made in errrr,, something else(!) leaving me able to make this lovely cardigan with it instead. It's a Multi-coloured Woven Double Jersey available from Minerva Crafts and a perfect weight for this project. The peplum drapes beautifully.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

I am now taking a Christmas Break and will be back to update you on Christmas Holiday Sewing in the New Year.... :)

Wishing you all a fun and fabulous time!

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The Winter~Queen

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Simplicity 2556

The Wonders of a Waistcoat

This waistcoat was the first thing I made after our Lapland Wedding and honeymoon cruise. So the first day wear item really! I enjoyed sewing for our wedding so much I have been sewing ever since. I wasn't blogging back then but as I mentioned this waistcoat in one of my Previous Posts, and this is after all a diary/log of everything I make, I thought it about time I included it. 

I had never made a waistcoat until my now husband and I decided to get married. I made my Winter Wonderland Wedding Coat and Wedding Dress  for our Big Day and as the fabric I used for my dress was also available in an Ice Blue, I decided I would make hubby a waistcoat and cravat to match. 

It's pictured here without the buttons and buttonholes (unfinished!). It was -4'c in The Ice Chapel where we married so needless to say there are no photos of hubby wearing JUST his (finished) waistcoat!!

Pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed making this, once all the wedding and honeymoon cruise sewing was over, I wanted to have a go at one for myself. I picked Simplicity 2556 because when I was looking for a waistcoat pattern I just loved everything about the black one in the main photo on the pattern envelope (View A).

So much so I made it (almost) exactly the same right down to the Grommet Trim. It's such an unusual take a waistcoat I had to have one!
I say "almost exactly" because there is one thing that I did change and that is the notched collar. I made mine un-notched. I also added an extra button so the front looked more symmetrical.

But, I have to say it's the shape of the back that I like the most. And I loved how they made the yoke and collar from a satin fabric but the lower back was in the main fabric, so of course I did the same. Although when I made this, I lined the yoke rather than just turning under the side edges. That wouldn't do at all lol! ;)

I used a black liquid satin for the back and collar, a remnant left over from a previous project but there is a budget one HERE or for super quality check out THIS ONE.
The fabric for the waistcoat itself was from my stash of many many moons ago when I used to sew as a mere youngster! I don't know what it is but it has a slight stretch to it which was useful for ease of construction. It is not that clear on the photos but it has a very fine pinstripe in white.

This photo shows it (and the grommet trim) much better

It's quite an unusual take on a waistcoat, and everything about it appealed to me. I was so chuffed I was even able to find the exact matching grommet trim!

And finally... ooh la la!

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