Thursday, 30 January 2014

Vogue 2934 - 1950's Vintage Jacket

First MAGAM project completed!

This was my first project for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge. And here it is... finished!

The Pattern is Vogue 2934 a vintage reproduction of a 1950's design, which, if it weren't for all the hand sewing, would actually make up quite quickly! But that's what you get from a vintage pattern; it makes up the vintage way!

The Pattern envelope

It was because of all the hand sewing that I picked this for my monthly challenge. I needed the motivation. I mean look at this lining... all sewn in by my now almost bleeding fingers ;)

and if that wasn't painful enough, have you ever sewn frog closures on by hand?!! Ouch

Seriously, grumbling aside, this was a lovely jacket to make. It appealed because I had read that it made up "the old fashioned way" so I wanted to give it a try. Yes there is a lot of hand sewing but it is definitely worth it. I altered it slightly by adding a contrast piping to the front and cuff edges. This was to keep in with my brown and cream theme :)

The fabric I used is a Boiled Wool Blend in Cream from Truro Fabrics but it's more of a very light beige. It's available in so many Lovely Winter Colours too. I have worked with this fabric before (See Here) and it not only made up well, it drapes beautifully, so it was perfect to use for this jacket. Frog closures were purchased HERE from Macculloch and Wallis

I didn't use a proper lining fabric because I wanted a shiny finish. As lovely as some linings are, they are mostly very matt. I used a Liquid Satin in Brown Available Here (again in a mirriad of colours) from Minerva Crafts. Oh and for the first time ever, I even made use of the Vogue label that comes with all Vogue patterns!

I am really pleased with this jacket. I just love the funnel collar (cleverly put together just by using darts!) and the full cuffed dolman sleeves

And check out my lovely chocolate coloured gloves too! Genuine Articles from the 1960's so a steal at just £4.50p

The details of construction are on My Sewing Pattern Review Click Here

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Vogue 8305 ~ Christmas Green

I was inspired by another sewer to make this dress. She made it in a lovely animal print and it so attracted me to this pattern. It is such a same that I do not have any contact details to ask if I can provide a link to her dress and to take the credit for my inspiration.

By the time I saw her review and photos of this, the pattern had long since been discontinued and even OOP in the US. Boo Hoo :( But I was not to be deterred! I scoured the internet relentlessly until I finally found it from a US Seller on Ebay! Yaay! How happy was I?! :)

The pattern is Vogue 8305 which is one of those patterns with an entire wardrobe on it! I wanted the Dress (view C)

When it arrived I decided to keep it for and up and coming family event. I knew exactly what colour I wanted to make it in and I had just the pattern to make a jacket to go over the top. But then we booked a holiday and I wanted a dress for Christmas day. I had this Christmas Green Ponte Roma in my stash so this is how this dress eventually came about!

I am not entirely sure where I bought the fabric as I have had it some time but I think it was Minerva Crafts. It's still available HERE in the Emerald Green and loads of other colours too.

I love this raised neckline and I love the gathers.

The pumpkin orange dress I made back in October Blogged Here had become my favourite pattern  out-doing McCalls 6801 but now this has even out-done the pumpkin orange (Vogue 8742)
I like this pattern so much that I will be using it again as originally planned, for the family event and it will be on my cutting table very soon!

But for now this Christmas Green has come up tops and is my favourite dress :)

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Vogue 8939 with Burda 7015

Slub Jumper and Ruffle Skirt

I knew I would make this pattern again, I just love it! It's another outfit that I made for our Christmas holiday in NYC but I loved it that much it was worn even before we went!

Say Hello to Vogue 8939 once again. 
Yes it's that drab pattern envelope that doesn't do much to inspire!

I decided to make the jumper this time instead of the dress (previously blogged HERE and the only reason I bought this pattern) seeing as jumpers are something that I lack. As mentioned in a Previous post I am into textured fabrics of late so that's why I picked this Poly-knit textured slub from Minerva Crafts which can be found  HERE. It's also available in other colours HERE and HERE.
It's a totally bizarre fabric to work with, it's stretchy and springy and until I got the feel for it,  it took every effort to stop it curling up as I was overlocking it. 

As a new fabric to me I'm pretty chuft with the way it turned out though.

When I made this as the Dress I changed the collar to a turtle neck as that zebra fabric was very thick. This fabric is so much thinner so I made it as per the pattern with the roll neck which I actually prefer. I also made the sleeves a bit longer this time as I like my sleeves long and not just skimming my wrists!

The fabric

I am certainly getting my money's worth out of this pattern as I have already made up another Dress! :)

The skirt I am wearing with this jumper is Burda 7015 view D. Such a cutie little skirt and another easy make. I just love the ruffle detail on the hem

The fabric I used for the skirt is a Ponte Knit available Here but if you fancy a real top quality try THESE from Truro Fabrics. They don't have this exact colour but just as lush colours! Or try THESE from Minerva Crafts; almost every colour you can think of!

To read my Sewing Pattern Review for the Jumper Click Here
To read my Sewing Pattern Review for the skirt Click Here

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Make A Garment a Month Challenge

I am not really one for making New Year Resolutions. I am not strong willed! There still remains no resolutions this year although instead, I have decided to set myself a challenge of making one garment every month.

Ok, so I am currently posting items I have made, on here almost every week, so why the challenge you may wonder?

Why? because the work I do is very seasonal. During the winter months I work fewer hours giving more time for sewing. Whereas during the Summer months I work very long hours with few full days off. This is when I find time for myself much harder and this year, to add to this, hopefully, if everything goes through, we will be moving house!!!

So I contacted Sarah Liz from Make a Garment a Month Challenge and she has invited me to join the many others also interested in achieving this goal.

My first project is Vogue 2934.

I have kind of already started this, but we are already half way through January so I hope I can be excused for this! My aim is to get this completed before January is over! I have read this requires a lot of hand sewing and I need motivating to do this! I am making this for a family event and it's also going to need a dress to go with it (February's challenge perhaps...?!)

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

McCalls 6842~fun and flirty

What a cutie little skirt this is; It's fun, feminine and fast to make!

Let me introduce to you McCalls 6842. A great wardrobe builder pattern suitable for a multitude of fabrics, making it usable all year round.

I chose a Boiled wool blend Jersey in Baby Pink available HERE from and it comes in a wide variety of fabulous winter colours. But wouldn't this skirt look so pretty in something like THIS? Or for spring something like THIS ?!

I made this skirt for our Christmas Holiday so I have to confess, this isn't usually the style of skirt I normally wear. I live in a seaside town (virtually on the edge of the world!) where there is only 7 miles between the north and the south coasts so it blows a hoolie frequently. For those who need that translating, "mostly very windy" ;) So wearing a skirt like this here would probably get me arrested for indecency!

 Like I said, I made this for our holiday but for those of you who sew, you will know that it feels good to make something that you wouldn't normally make, just to try something new whether you will get a lot of wear out of it or no.

I made View A and originally added 2" to the length but when I tried it on with my boots, it actually looked much better at it's original length so I cut the excess off again!

On the cold streets of New York City, I teamed it with McCalls 6614 which I previously  Blogged Here, my
Kangaroo waistcoat (Same one HERE) and scarf a from River island. The scarf is no longer available but they have a similar one in a different colour HERE

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

McCalls 6614 -Raspberry Pink!

Had we not been going to NYC for Christmas I probably would never have bought this pattern. Jumpers are something I don't have many of. Yes it gets cold here in our sleepy town in Cornwall but not nearly as cold as it gets on the east coast of America so my collection of jumpers is limited! (more than limited, I previously owned one plus two fleeces!)

My inspiration was this fabric... both the colour and the texture 

I am well into textured fabrics of late and this raspberry pink (it's actually called foxglove) colour is just beautiful. It's a Wool Blend Boucle fabric and it's soooo warm to wear! It is also available in this lovely Teal Colour. They are from my local store Truro Fabrics but they do a fast, reliable mail order service and postage is done by weight so no excessive P&P charges!

The pattern is McCalls 6614. It's a unisex pattern with a very unflattering pattern envelope photo!

It didn't really jump out at me with this photo and it's not very helpful, but as you can see from the diagrams, it's actually a nicely shaped jumper. That's what attracted me to it. I was particularly drawn to the princess seams.

It doesn't get amazing reviews on the Sewing Pattern Review Website as the fit is not great at all. It took quite a bit of tweaking to get it right and even when I'd got the fit right, I still wasn*t happy with it. Take a look at this photo of the original finished result....

Oh dear!

Now take another look after I chopped several inches off the bottom...

What a difference! I guess it's all just down to preference and what suits us, but I definitely don't suit the longer version! Plus the shorter version goes much better with the skirt I am wearing (to be reviewed next week) so all good in the end :)

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mix it, Match it, and then end up with something entirely different!

Burda 7124 and McCalls 6650

For those who didn't read my previous post, sometime mid November we booked to sail across The Pond to spend our Christmas in New York City!!  We were to spend 7 days at sea on The Queen Mary 2 so I spent the build up to Christmas sewing, sewing, sewing! There were to be 3 formal dining nights. 2 out of 3 Gowns I had already sorted. The third I was to treat myself and make a new Evening Gown. 

Whilst trawling through all the pattern books I absolutely fell in love with THIS (View B)

Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore fishtails!! In my excitement it totally didn't register initially just how much fabric this pattern would need.  Flipping it over swiftly to check the fabric requirements my hopes were dashed in a second. What an idiot. Of course a skirt like this is going to need a tonne of fabric (over 6m!) Even View A needed over 3m. As we were flying back from the USA and not sailing, I had a serious weight issue with so much fabric boo hoo :(

Anyhow, all was not lost as no sooner had I discarded this I found Burda 7124 View C.

 Not quite the glamour of the mermaid but elegant it is and the back godet had me sold. And I didn't need as much fabric!

Arhh, yes fabric. Now I had to choose fabric. Something that didn't crease and something sparkly as this skirt is quite plain.

  I found this  lovely raspberry jersey. It says it's purple. It's not. It doesn't even look purple on the screen! I just loved this colour so much. So a sample was ordered and I wait for it to arrive. In the meantime whilst I wait, the cruise info arrives with the dress codes.

Day 2: Formal Dining - Evening Dress (pale green gown) check!

Day 3: Formal Dining - Masked Ball (Oh ok, that's fine I can take a different dress to what I planned to for this as I have red and black gown and accessories worn previously for a masked ball last October) so Check!

Day 6: Formal Dining - Black and White. "Black and white?!" I shreak "black and white! But what about my lush raspberry?!"
 I rarely do black because everyone wears it and I just love colour. I must be the only female on the planet that doesn't have a LBD! 

Well, Until now....

So The outfit I am wearing here, originally wasn't planned to look like this at all! Out went the lovely raspberry pink, in came the black.

The skirt I'd picked worked out even more perfect in the end because I was able to do the godet in white to keep in with the theme and I absolutely love it! The godet was what attracted me to this pattern in the first place but making it in a different colour makes it stand out even more.
And just for a final finishing touch I added a wee bow ;)

McCalls 6650 made a perfect complimentary top for this skirt as the collar was perfect for adding the white contrast.

The fabric I used for the skirt and top is a Glitter Polyester Blend Jersey available HERE. It's lovely and sparkly which you can just abut tell on the photos, but here is a better photo for the effect (or just click on THE LINK)

Such a top quality fabric too; Truro Fabrics never disappoint for quality and service.

For the godet and collar I originally cut out in this Poly Chiffon Georgette but it wasn't until I came to attach the collar to the bodice that I realised the black was visible at the seams!! All was not lost as I found this Cashmere Crepe and used this instead. 
I lined the skirt with Tricot that I have had since my early sewing days(!) but there is similar HERE
These are all available from White Lodge Fabrics

To read my Sewing Pattern reviews for these CLICK HERE and HERE

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