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Mix it, Match it, and then end up with something entirely different!

Burda 7124 and McCalls 6650

For those who didn't read my previous post, sometime mid November we booked to sail across The Pond to spend our Christmas in New York City!!  We were to spend 7 days at sea on The Queen Mary 2 so I spent the build up to Christmas sewing, sewing, sewing! There were to be 3 formal dining nights. 2 out of 3 Gowns I had already sorted. The third I was to treat myself and make a new Evening Gown. 

Whilst trawling through all the pattern books I absolutely fell in love with THIS (View B)

Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore fishtails!! In my excitement it totally didn't register initially just how much fabric this pattern would need.  Flipping it over swiftly to check the fabric requirements my hopes were dashed in a second. What an idiot. Of course a skirt like this is going to need a tonne of fabric (over 6m!) Even View A needed over 3m. As we were flying back from the USA and not sailing, I had a serious weight issue with so much fabric boo hoo :(

Anyhow, all was not lost as no sooner had I discarded this I found Burda 7124 View C.

 Not quite the glamour of the mermaid but elegant it is and the back godet had me sold. And I didn't need as much fabric!

Arhh, yes fabric. Now I had to choose fabric. Something that didn't crease and something sparkly as this skirt is quite plain.

  I found this  lovely raspberry jersey. It says it's purple. It's not. It doesn't even look purple on the screen! I just loved this colour so much. So a sample was ordered and I wait for it to arrive. In the meantime whilst I wait, the cruise info arrives with the dress codes.

Day 2: Formal Dining - Evening Dress (pale green gown) check!

Day 3: Formal Dining - Masked Ball (Oh ok, that's fine I can take a different dress to what I planned to for this as I have red and black gown and accessories worn previously for a masked ball last October) so Check!

Day 6: Formal Dining - Black and White. "Black and white?!" I shreak "black and white! But what about my lush raspberry?!"
 I rarely do black because everyone wears it and I just love colour. I must be the only female on the planet that doesn't have a LBD! 

Well, Until now....

So The outfit I am wearing here, originally wasn't planned to look like this at all! Out went the lovely raspberry pink, in came the black.

The skirt I'd picked worked out even more perfect in the end because I was able to do the godet in white to keep in with the theme and I absolutely love it! The godet was what attracted me to this pattern in the first place but making it in a different colour makes it stand out even more.
And just for a final finishing touch I added a wee bow ;)

McCalls 6650 made a perfect complimentary top for this skirt as the collar was perfect for adding the white contrast.

The fabric I used for the skirt and top is a Glitter Polyester Blend Jersey available HERE. It's lovely and sparkly which you can just abut tell on the photos, but here is a better photo for the effect (or just click on THE LINK)

Such a top quality fabric too; Truro Fabrics never disappoint for quality and service.

For the godet and collar I originally cut out in this Poly Chiffon Georgette but it wasn't until I came to attach the collar to the bodice that I realised the black was visible at the seams!! All was not lost as I found this Cashmere Crepe and used this instead. 
I lined the skirt with Tricot that I have had since my early sewing days(!) but there is similar HERE
These are all available from White Lodge Fabrics

To read my Sewing Pattern reviews for these CLICK HERE and HERE

Thanks for looking ~ Keep Smiling :)x

The Winter~Queen

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