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Vogue 8939 with Burda 7015

Slub Jumper and Ruffle Skirt

I knew I would make this pattern again, I just love it! It's another outfit that I made for our Christmas holiday in NYC but I loved it that much it was worn even before we went!

Say Hello to Vogue 8939 once again. 
Yes it's that drab pattern envelope that doesn't do much to inspire!

I decided to make the jumper this time instead of the dress (previously blogged HERE and the only reason I bought this pattern) seeing as jumpers are something that I lack. As mentioned in a Previous post I am into textured fabrics of late so that's why I picked this Poly-knit textured slub from Minerva Crafts which can be found  HERE. It's also available in other colours HERE and HERE.
It's a totally bizarre fabric to work with, it's stretchy and springy and until I got the feel for it,  it took every effort to stop it curling up as I was overlocking it. 

As a new fabric to me I'm pretty chuft with the way it turned out though.

When I made this as the Dress I changed the collar to a turtle neck as that zebra fabric was very thick. This fabric is so much thinner so I made it as per the pattern with the roll neck which I actually prefer. I also made the sleeves a bit longer this time as I like my sleeves long and not just skimming my wrists!

The fabric

I am certainly getting my money's worth out of this pattern as I have already made up another Dress! :)

The skirt I am wearing with this jumper is Burda 7015 view D. Such a cutie little skirt and another easy make. I just love the ruffle detail on the hem

The fabric I used for the skirt is a Ponte Knit available Here but if you fancy a real top quality try THESE from Truro Fabrics. They don't have this exact colour but just as lush colours! Or try THESE from Minerva Crafts; almost every colour you can think of!

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Thanks for stopping by ~ Keep Smiling :)

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