Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vogue 8305 ~ Winter White

February Magam Challenge

This dress is my Make a Garment a Month Challenge for February. This months theme was based on the meaning of the month of February; the time of the feast of purity, the time of rain and snow, the month of pearls and ice.

I adore anything and everything wintry and white, so I was well up for this! If only we had some lovely wintry white snow to go with it....

Enter Vogue 8305 in Winter White

When I bought this pattern it was to make it in Winter White that I had in mind, but ended up making it in Christmas Green (HERE). But thanks to this months Magam theme, it has inspired me to make it again in my original chosen colour in a lovely ponte roma fabric (available HERE from sky fabrics). This one came up slightly bigger than my Green one. It wasn't until after I'd finished making it that I realised this fabric had more stretch. But it's barely noticeable

Did I mention last time that this is currently my favourite dress pattern of all time? Of course I did! I just love the asymmetrical gathering. 

I am pretty sure that other than my Winter Wonderland Wedding Dress and Coat I have never worn or made anything in just white and I am loving it!

I made the dress (View C) but sadly the pattern has been discontinued for some time. If you can get hold of one, cease the moment, this pattern is awesome!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :) Keep Smiling

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  1. Would love to send you some "wintery white" from Michigan!! Your dress looks stunning on you!

    1. And I would happily accept it Laury! Oh how I love snow!
      Thanks for the comment :)x

  2. This is a beautiful style - you are right, a pattern to die for and would flatter so many people. The winter white looks stunning on you - it's the right shade of white. And your photos are lovely :)

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz :) I do love this pattern! x

  3. Your dress is stunning! It's clear why it would be your favorite! Great photos too.