Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Butterick 5858 - back to the 80's!

Did someone say 1980's...?

It was time to make something a little different, and it was time to alter a pattern so for once it didn't look exactly like the pattern envelope.

So I picked Butterick 5858 and made a simple cropped boxy top.

The pattern envelope top looks like this

and mine came out like this

When fashions and hairstyles from the 80's are mentioned, we all seem to cringe! Including me, the girl who had her hey-day in the late 1980's. Yes, I am guilty of big hair, shoulder pads and dodgy fashions.

But what's going on? Cropped boxy tops and leather look trousers seem to be everywhere!
Including back in my wardrobe once again some 25+ years later

It makes me feel quite nostalgic making and wearing a top like this. If only I had saved all my old cropped tops from the 80's lol. It's good to see them back in fashion.

For the cropped look, I cut this pattern at the waistline. And for the neckline, I just made the collar band much narrower.

For such a plain boxy top, I went for this fab mustard coloured double layered textured jersey (available Here) from Minerva Crafts

and also available in all THESE wonderful colours.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

For the trousers I decided I'd make a muslin first for 2 reasons:

1) trousers are probably one of the hardest things to fit

2) I used a soft pvc leathercloth (pleather) fabric (also available HERE from Minerva Crafts in various colours) and didn't want hole punches from the needle all over the fabric from my unpicking!

As it happened, The muslin fitted perfectly and needed no alteration what so ever. Bingo!

 So because I had never made a wider leg trouser before, the trousers were going to look just like they look on the pattern envelope,

 only as you may have already noticed, they don't!

Half way through construction I decided I wanted a slim fit leg. Had it not been for this, these would have whipped up in no time at all! Hmmm not the best fabric to be working with when you change your mind half way through the project but at least I was taking in and not taking out :)

So ok, these aren't the sort of trousers I will get much wear out of. Somehow I cant see myself wearing them to the supermarket or to work for example. But I had never worked with this fabric before and that was the whole point.
And hey, if Joey Tempest had a pair, then so must I. Enough said ;)

Until next time :) Happy Sewing x


  1. What a flashback! These look great. I've been wanting to try sewing , but get nervous and change y mind.

    1. Thanks Annette. Perhaps you could try something simple to sew first. There are lots of people/sites/blogs online these days to give a helping hand :)x

    2. This is embarrassing. My Kindle Fire edited for me! I sew all the time. Ask my husband and kids. They want me to cook dinner sometimes.

      What I meant to say was I've been wanting to try sewing pleather, but get nervous when I get ready to buy and change my mind.

      Oh, my Kindle Fire. I think it will be on time out for a while.

  2. that's technology for you :)
    the pleather was easier to sew than I thought. Not for everyday wear mind.... not with my lifestyle anyway! Your cooking comment made me smile Annette :)x