Sunday, 30 March 2014

Minoru Jacket

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I walk. A lot. Here in the UK it rains. A lot. So I have a winter coat and I have a raincoat. But believe it or not the sun does sometimes shine and this spring, I don't want to be going out in my all weathers raincoat looking like I'm a pessimistic fool expecting rain.

So I needed a new coat
This coat!

This pattern was my introduction to Sewaholic Patterns. For months I kept seeing this pattern getting so many good reviews and seeing everybody's wonderful versions of it. I was also intrigued by the online tutorial, having never done one before.

So now spring is here, and it hasn't rained for at least 2 days (!) my lush warm winter coat bought in NYC, and my old faithful raincoat have had to step aside to make way for my new Minoru Jacket

The pattern offers the choice of just collar or collar with hood. For me it was a no brainer because the hood cleverly tucks away hidden inside the collar and sealed with a zip, so you get the best of both.

I did start to wonder if I would ever get this jacket started let alone finished in time for spring. The hardest thing for me was deciding what colours I wanted and then what fabrics! Once these decisions were finally made and fabrics ordered, all I had to do was sit and wait for them to arrive at my door.

And wait I did....
And wait some more....

I purchased the outer shiny twill fabric from My Fabrics based in Germany. Each day I would anxiously track it's progress only to find on its arrival to the UK it had been detained and needed further instruction from the sender. 
But Finally after 10 days, it arrived!! I had never been so happy to see the Postman!

But 10 days gone and there was also still no sign of my lining fabric either. Boo Hoo. The lining was what I was most excited about too. I mean, check this out..
Just awesome! It's available here from Frumble fabrics
Sadly mine got lost in the post but Mat from Frumble kindly sent me out a replacement only for it then to arrive the day we went away!

It seemed I was destined not to start this jacket let alone finish it.

But start it I eventually did and finished it now is. I followed the online tutorial (HERE) which was just brilliant. I was constantly looking forward to getting onto the next lesson. You can make this jacket up with the instructions included in the envelope but for me, the tutorial made the sewing so much more exciting and inspirational.

There were no pockets on this pattern so I added patch pockets

So, the British weather can throw anything at me now. I can go out on a nice bright breezy day in my bright and breezy jacket!

Oh and I can't go without a flasher mac pose of the amazing Sepia Paris Lining! :)

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  1. That lining print is amazing! I think it's the perfect touch for a great looking jacket.

  2. What a fabulous jacket! And that lining, wow! I just love it:) I just purchased this pattern (still on its way) and I think I'll do as you did with the hood, plus add a drawstring. I read through the whole sew-a-long and I agree, it's "brilliant" ;)

    1. Thank you Rikki. And good luck with your Jacket, I shall look forward to seeing it on PR :) My pattern was delivered to the UK and it arrived quicker than my fabrics did! The service was great. :)x

  3. Fantastic jacket and the lining was soooo worth it! I am here from PR and want to thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Annette. I agree about the lining, I love it so much I should have made this jacket reversible haha ;) x

  4. Woman,

    You KNOW I love the Paris themed fabric! And that you added pockets. Stupendous! Good job, Dawn.



    P.S. And yeah, what you said to Annette . . . reversible would have been the cat's meow. Maybe the next Minoru you make. After all, a girl's gotta have two, right?

  5. Wow great jacket perfect for spring. Love your lining print and that you have added pockets.

    1. Thanks Tracy! I'd be lost without the pockets. Definitely the best idea to add some :)x

  6. Splendid!

    I ABSOLUTELY love this Parisian fabric. Thanks for the remind. :-)