Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sewing Room plans

I am extremely lucky to have my own sewing room. Well, it's actually a room that I do everything in! When we bought our house it was kind of my office space, audio space, book space and occasional craft space.

When we first moved in, this is what it was like

Then hubby and I got engaged and even though I hadn't done any dress making for many many years, I knew I would make my dress and coat for our Lapland Wedding. 
From that day forward my room was taken over by sewing and to this day it still dominates the space.

And so these days it looks like this!

It's disorganised and cramped, and has no style but I make do because any separate space for sewing should be considered a luxury.

So when we decided to move house again some months ago and have found a new house which enables me to have a room just for sewing and sewing only, I am ecstatic!!
The move itself is drawing pretty near so I have been gathering together ideas for my new room

I am visualising yellow. A pale yellow with white
A centre island for a cutting table
with desks and shelving around the walls

pretty little baskets containing notions in the shelving

organised shelves containing sewing things only!

Or something like this would be a dream... 

Or perhaps something completely different? I love this idea too 

However my new room ends up, the planning and creating will be exciting.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Happy Sewing :)x


  1. The ability to walk around your cutting table is a very big bonus!

    1. Hi Mary :) yes I agree absolutely! Do you have your own space?x