Sunday, 11 May 2014

Vogue 8766 - Summer Stripes

Well we've finally done it... we've moved house! We are surrounded by boxes every which way we look and an up and running sewing room for myself is nowhere to be seen soon boo hoo.

 So with no sewing done, it's time to grab the "oldies" out of the closet.
I made this dress back in March of last year for our Honeymoon Cruise, but I wasn't blogging back then so this is the perfect opportunity to try to get everything up to date and logged.

This is Vogue 8766 
It's a fabulous little pattern as there are so many different dresses to be made in one envelope. I made a shorter version of View B

and played around with the stripes before cutting to make them more of a feature

This was a great dress for our Caribbean Cruise. I made it in a lovely blue and white stripe Polycotton  available HERE from Quick Fabrics for the bargain price of £3 per metre! And to keep it cool for wearing I lined it with white Muslin also from Quick Fabrics (HERE)

All I need now is some lovely sunny British weather (HA!) so I can wear it again. Or of course, another visit to The Caribbean would be a much better offer!

I reviewed this pattern a year ago; you can view that HERE

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Happy Sewing :)


  1. A lovely sea sidey dress - you can at least pretend to be on board a yacht while unpacking all the boxes :)