Saturday, 14 June 2014

Simplicity 2222 ~ Aztec Romper

So it's hot and it's sunny. It's my day off tomorrow and I need something cool and casual to wear about the house and to dabble at a bit of gardening. Only we haven't unpacked most of our clothes yet as we still currently have nowhere to hang anything!  
I remembered making this for our Honeymoon Cruise last year and as it's cotton jersey, thought it would be ideal for wearing tomorrow. Only can I find it? No. I cant!

Anyhow, it's also reminded me that this little number needs adding to My Blog. So whilst I pause in my hunt for the missing aforementioned, here I am writing this instead!

As you can see from the diagram, I made View B from Simplicity 2222
From the Suede Says Collection, this is such a versatile and practical pattern that can be used for all occasions as the pattern envelope illustrates.

The little romper suit is soooo cute, (described there as "edgy") but I certainly wouldn't inflict the world by putting my legs in that!

So I settled on the "classic" version. And even then, I added about 4" to the length as the skirt also is rather short! Too short for my legs anyhow!
 I did however shorten the bodice by a couple of inches as several other reviews recommended this. However for me personally, I would have preferred it had I left it as it was. It's OK though! This is a great little dress to wear (when I can find it!) because it's so practical, it's casual and it's comfy; especially as I made mine out of a cool, uncreaseable Cotton jersey.

Not sure where I got this aztec print from as it's ages since I made it. In hindsight it would have been better suited to a maxi dress but I fell in love with the fabric print and didn't need a maxi dress at the time! 

Of course, the best thing about this little romper dress is the Racer back. I Love this feature! 

You'll have to take my word for it, but it looks even better on from the back! These are the only photos I have of this dress and as I can't find it..... :/ !!

It's a good many months since I made this, so the details are a bit vague now. But for a bit more info on the pattern you can read about it on My Pattern Review HERE (posted August 2013)

I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of sewing again now, so I should have some new makes to post up soon!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Happy Sewing

Dawn x


  1. It's cute - hope you get to sew soon.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I have actually finished what should have been my May Magam (yaay!) just need to get some photos taken. Urgh the worst bit :/ x