Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vogue Paris Original ~ Some 80's nostalgia

Never let it be said that the 1980's won't ever come back into fashion. It's already started to creep back in with skinny jeans, high waistlines and cropped tops. And what of all the "falling off one shoulder" tops? Who growing up in the 1980's doesn't remember a sweater version of this thrown in with some leg warmers?

Most of us cringe when we think of the 80's with big hair, big shoulder pads, and those huge boxy jackets that made women look like an American Footballer!
But not all fashions were bad (the rock chick look still, well, rocks!) and some fashions from the 80's are even re-appearing on our high streets with a vengeance some 30 years later.

I made this skirt in 1987 (yes you read that right!) 1987!!! And to me, this is one of those few in the "not all bad" category. Somehow it has never dated and somehow it still fits. And yes, I still wear it.

Even this high/low hemline is fashionable again now.

 It's a Vogue Paris Original Pattern confirmed by the label I stitched on one of the back pockets. If memory serves me right, it was an "Individualist" pattern designed by Claude Montana. Although I am not 100% certain so if anyone can clarify this I would be over the moon!
I contacted Vogue to see if they could find the pattern number for me, but although they were kind enough to reply they were unable to help.

So much detail went into this skirt. It has a high low waist as well as hemline, a shaped back yoke, front pockets, back pockets, fly zip, fitted to the hip then a fit and flare lower skirt, the hemline is faced and everything is top-stitched. (Phew, pause for breath!) 
Why did I ever throw this pattern away?!!

I have hunted high and low for a photo of me wearing it in the 80's but to no avail boo hoo. It's quite unbelievable really that I still have the skirt yet I no longer have the pattern. It had a shirt pattern included in the same envelope and the 2 together with white boots(!) was my favourite outfit for months! Although I no longer have the shirt, ironically, I actually do have a photo of it....

You can almost see the Vogue Paris Original Label I also sewed onto the sleeve!

I was so proud of those 2 welt pockets on the front; they were my first attempt and turned out rather well! Mum was proud anyway lol! The shirt got worn over and over again and consequently wore out many many years ago but the skirt has after all these years lived to tell the tale.....

And finally, Just had to add a photo of this lovely wrap I'm wearing. I now have 3 of these in total. There are so many gorgeous ones I could buy them all! Pop over to Pennies From Heaven and see for yourself. Prices are very reasonable too :)

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  1. You really did a nice job sewing the skirt together. Still looks great on you after all these years. I don't think any of my clothes would still fit me from 1987 ; ( Yeah...the good old day's, from clothes to music that was a pretty good decade!

  2. Thanks Joe :) and yes certainly the good old days! My favourite decade, especially for music! :)x

  3. It looks like a Claude Montana to me. Wasn't it great when VP had really nice designer wear, and also labels to go in the garments. The patterns now aren't a patch on some of the designer VPs of the 70-80s. Skirt still looks fantastic, no wonder you still wear it.

  4. Yes Sarah Liz, their designer patterns were brilliant. I was very young so had to save up for them as they were always the most expensive, but so worth it. I agree that today's aren't a patch on the oldies and I dont find the same inspiration from them these days.

    1. No, those old Vogue patterns were a treat, I agree. And so much to learn from them, that is now missing from Vogue patterns. I just read your recent comment on my blog - I didn't realise you were a seasonal worker, so no wonder you are flat out. I started the MAGAM just for this reason - it's so easy to lose sight of our own needs when we get busy, and even a simple little sew can help us feel more grounded, I find :)

    2. Well I work all year it's just July and August are manic! I still have no photos of my July MAGAM dress as hubby and I havent had the same day off work for ages :( but at least its finished so the challenge was successful! I am sorting my August make as I speak.... :)xx

  5. Wow - that one amazing shaped skirt - you need to self draft it and put a pattern out there - you'd make a fortune :) agree with Joe - i'd never fit in my clothes now even if i wanted to!

    1. Thanks! And that's A great Idea Amanda but I think Vogue might sue my pants off for copyright lol...?!! x