Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Vogue 8648 ~ Hey look it's Pac-man!

Anybody recognise these little chaps...?

 These were the social phenomenon of what is now an icon of 1980's popular culture. I'm not a gamer myself, never have been, but these little chappies definitely make an eye catching and colourful fabric that I couldn't resist.

The pattern is Vogue 8648, A perfect pattern for colour blocking. Or in my case, pac-man blocking! I made View C (yellow dress on the pattern envelope)

The pattern calls for you to cut this pattern on the cross grain. (Well from memory at least some of it, if not all...?) Not sure why? Didnt think the little chappies on the fabric would appreciate being lopsided anyway so I went with the straight grain for the most part and just did the waistband on cross grain. Well it worked for me!

I have no idea where I bought the fabric from but it's a quilting cotton that was beautiful to work with. I didn't have a huge amount (1m) so I just had to play around with pattern pieces to see what fit. 

Ok, I can see that the photos aren't that great and you're having to take my word for it that these are actually little pac-men and not just coloured in dots so how about a bit of a zoom in....

Oh look, there they are!

 I love that Vogue Patterns add lining to a lot of their dress patterns. I just love the finish of a lined dress not to mention the comfort of wearing it! And yet I never wore this dress other than for these photos. My sister-in-law is now the proud owner of it. Well, perhaps I am being rather over confident in the word proud lol but owns it she does, proud or not! :)

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Happy Sewing 
Dawn :)x


  1. What a fantastic use of this fabric - quirky but stylish all at once. I love the way you have used the panels to pattern block this dress - it is very nicely done :)

  2. Cute dress it's a shame you didn't wear it, though I am sure you sister is happy. I like to line my dresses too though I have noticed that many don't.

    1. Thanks Tracy :) and I agree about the lining. Such a shame!

  3. I love this dress, original and stylish.

  4. That is such fun & quirky - don't know how you could bare to have parted with it :)

    1. Made too many clothes Amanda! Got to make room for more lol :)x