Wednesday, 29 October 2014

McCalls 6988 ~ Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

There's a small pocket of time from mid September to the end of October that is my absolute favourite time of year. How I love Autumn! I don't know about you but when I step outside, the feeling of freshness hits me. It's often sunny but just enough chill to warrant another layer.

In the case of this pattern, McCalls 6988 the extra layer being a roll neck jumper, making this flirty little number into an autumn staple

 And for an Autumn staple, I couldn't resist this Autumnal check double jersey fabric available HERE from good ol' faithful fabric suppliers Minerva Crafts!

This dress is also my project for the October MAGAM challenge. The theme this month was Sew and Shine (interpreted to make something vibrant and bright) so this colour fabric really fitted in with both this theme and (my favourite!) season

How I adore this pattern! This is just so very ME . Fitted jersey dresses with flirty little hems are my favourite thing to both make and wear.

I made View A shown on the pattern envelope worn as a dress. Personally Im not keen on sleeveless dresses (or anything sleeveless!) but you can't possibly cover up a great pattern like this with a cardigan (heaven forbid!) so the only thing for it of course was to put the layer underneath :)

Check out the pattern diagrams though... oh they have Dawn colour blocking written all over them! Yaay for me!

This is yet another pattern from The Big 4 that calls for a centre back zip in a stretch jersey fabric. There was no way I was putting a zip in this little beauty and so tried to be clever and cut the centre back on the fold. Big mistake! The neckline was huge for starters (cutting on the fold meant I was unable to alter it where it needed to be) and it also lost it's shaping down to the waistline making it quite boxy. So I ended up cutting the back panels in half, taking a good 3" off the neckline grading out again on the waist and back in again over the hips and all the way down. I then had the perfect fit. And it still didnt need a zip!

Of course the other fun thing about making this dress was playing about with the checks.

Overall, this has to be one of my favourite makes so far. Fabric for the next one, already ordered and arrived!

 I am now currently busy participating in the Vogue 1419 Sewalong which is extremely time consuming due to all the bound seam finishes, so it doesnt look like there will be much else getting a look in on my sewing table for a couple of weeks yet!

See you all soon.... hopefully!! :)

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Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!

Dawn :)x


  1. Very cute! Love the way you played with the angles on the plaid fabric.

  2. Yes, the pattern arrangement was brilliant - the flippy little skirt looks great too, otherwise the dress would look too straight and severe. Why do they put zips in knit dress patterns ??

  3. it turned out great! I love all the different vereations

  4. Lovely, perfect autumn wear. I agree this is one of the best times of the year there's nothing better than going for a walk on a crisp, autumn day.

    1. Thanks Tracy! And We've had some proper nice Autumn weather today :)x

  5. Oh Yes, Yes, Yes love everything about this xx