Wednesday, 26 November 2014

McCalls 7026 ~ Leisure and Lace

So this is my November project for the MAGAM Challenge. I adore this top! When I saw the pattern, I knew I was going to make it. Of course here in the UK we often have to wait several weeks later for the new patterns to be available for sale, but when it was out, it was mine!

 Of course it was the ruffle and the back detail that sold it as shown here on the pattern diagram. 

I dithered for a while whether or not to also add the contrast lace to the front yokes and eventually decided to go for it. Good choice! I so love that I did this; it just gives it that extra little something special at the front.

I originally bought some black/red/grey jersey fabric for this top and a red zip. But with the lace overlay, it was just far too busy. So I decided to change tactics and go with a plain knit. But before finding a plain, I spotted This cream and beige stretch lace from Minerva crafts, and it had my attention immediately.

 Like with the pattern, this was mine! I just knew this was the lace for this top. And the Beige Ponte Roma also from Minerva was it's perfect match. Happy Happy Happy! The fabric is gorgeous; probably one of the best quality ponte's I have bought in a while. And just to tempt me, it's also available in 21 fabulous colours, so I will definitely be choosing more colours soon!

But this top did not come without it's problems. Goodness me, the unpicker and I certainly became very acquainted. And not through any fault of the pattern I might add. For starters, I wasn't sure whether I wanted the in seam pockets but decided to do them anyway. 

But once they were in and I tried it on, I didn't like them at all from neither the inside (not a nice enough finish) or out, as the position just didn't feel right for this top on me. 

So out they came!

Cleaner lines and looking much better without

I also decided to insert the zip my own way which caused a few issues when I came to do the hem, and finally when I was gathering up the frill for the lower hem, I noticed I had sewn one of the lace panels on the wrong way so the wrong side was showing. I had done a right side and wrong side together. Fool! Arghh!!

The cuffs were another thing I was unsure whether to do. I only did them because I hadn't made this type before. 

Turns out I rather like them too!

So it was all good in the end. And due to the over estimations of the fabric requirements on the pattern envelope, there was even enough fabric left over to make a matching skirt. I didn't use a pattern for this. But I did use the twin needle technique for the elasticated waistband. Woo hoo no more safety pins or twisting elastic for me. Get me, I am so moving with the times ;)

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just a mere Slip of a thing....

Don't you just hate that horrid static you get when wearing unlined dresses? Somehow I lost my one and only underskirt (which was originally the netted mermaid underskirt that I wore under my wedding dress, that I later shortened) in our house move, but I think it goes without saying I kind of needed more than one anyway!

So these were a necessity make for me but I so loved doing them! Before I left home as a mere youngster, I used to make underskirts, slips and nighties and sell them. So making these I was feeling  quite nostalgic. I have even used the same tricot fabrics that I used back then. I have metres and metres of this stuff so I know, I know, there was no excuse for previously having only one underskirt!

Un-be-known to me, my lovely Mum kept these fabrics for me over all those years! So when she announced that she still had them, after I began sewing again 2 years ago I was over the moon. (Thanks Mum!) They have come in so handy for lining jersey knit dresses, but for those unlined ones, I needed underskirts....

I made this black one first and used no pattern. I originally just cut a rectangle to the width and length measurements I required, just adding extra on the width for seam allowance and extra on the length for an elasticated casing. But you may have seen me previously mention that I do not like bulk around my middle (waist). AT ALL! Not even an underskirt! So as you may be able to tell I don't have a huge amount of elastic in these. I decided to narrow these at the waist by 3" and the elastic is loose so these will sit below my waistline. (I know, I'm weird!)

For a finishing touch, I just added a lace trim around the hemline and Va Va Voom, you're done!

I've since made this pink one

and this white one

But it's been so wet lately and the light has been so poor for taking photos, that separately, the pink and the white look pretty much the same! Plus my lady in red doesn't help matters!

But they are different... really they are!

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Friday, 7 November 2014

I'm finally on Bloglovin

Yes , I've finally done it, moved with the times and headed on over to Bloglovin.
Now just to know how it works...?!!

But you can find me  HERE
I think ;)