Thursday, 15 January 2015

McCalls 6793 ~ Urban Oversize

Hello Everyone!

I am quite excited as this is my first official make of 2015. My Poncho was my first posting, but was made in December. Ok maybe I started this at the back end of 2014 but the construction majority was only last week. I ran out of silk thread for the narrow hem so that bit was done just last night!

In the past, I have never been one for baggy clothes as I've always felt like a sack of potatoes wearing them! But loose oversize tops are popular right now and a huge part of my sewing process is to make things out of my comfort zone to encourage me to wear different things. So this is where McCalls 6793 came in.

I chose this pattern because I have such a love of gathers and ruffled hems. If I stood any chance of wearing this, it was a good start. I made View B, featured here with the bow neckline. 

Turned out to be an absolute fabulous choice and I actually do stand every chance of wearing this because I love it! It's great when something you think isn't you, feels so good on, you wonder why you never wore anything like this before?! I am so going to be wearing this loads.

My fabric is a John Kaldor  french crepe from Minerva Crafts which is just lush and was a pleasure to work with. And it doesn't crease. Always a bonus. I can't find it there anymore but Sew Box have the same one HERE
The pattern has quite a few features that would be a bit lost in such a busy print so as I had a remnant piece of boucle left over form a previous project (HERE) I added a built in tank top to break it up a little and emphasise that bow.

I finished the hem of the boucle tank first using a twin needle. I then placed it on top of the front bodice, tacking (basting) it all together around the edges. (I know, I should have taken a photo here) I then just made the top as per the pattern treating the front bodice as one as you can see here from the side view.

Other alterations I made was to lengthen the sleeves by 2", omit the sleeve opening and the little rouleau loop at the cuff. On the pattern the sleeves are 3/4 length. For me that just wont do! The cuffs were wide enough just to slip over my hand so didn't warrant the opening. And the rouleau loop was just another feature that would have been totally lost in this busy print anyway!

I made the Size Small and as you can see this is a very loose fit. So I can't imagine that there would be much need for fitting adjustments on this pattern. 

Whilst making this, I was starting to wonder what on earth I have got that I could wear to compliment it? But in December, having lived out of suitcases since moving house last May, our Dressing Room was finally completed. So now I feel so lucky that everything is now there on easy accessible display, just waiting to be worn. I was in there less than a minute before spotting this skirt (Blogged Here) in a similar colour to the tank top overlay. Perfect! My outfit was complete. And no suitcases required....! :)

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Thanks for stopping by and taking to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :)x


  1. Very cute! Love your choice of fabrics!

  2. Hi Dawn, love the colours. What a clever idea to add the tank top as you say it shows up the features of the top, which otherwise might be lost in the print

    1. Thanks Tracy. Im glad it worked out. Wasn't sure if it weigh the front down but it's perfect :)x

  3. It's very you Dawn - how could you not go for ruffles. And the little tank addition gives the shape and definition you want.

    You are like me - being petite, baggy clothes tend to overwhelm us. But here we both are, stepping out of our comfort zones :)

    1. Totally agree Sarah Liz. And yes, go us leaving the comfort zone! :)x

  4. So colorful…love those colors!