Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Vogue 8939 ~ Jumper Dress...? Jumper?

I'm starting to lose count at how many times this pattern has been out of it's envelope.  I loved my Christmas version so much (HERE) it turned out to be my favourite make of last year. But it was just that, a Christmas Dress, and  I missed wearing it.

I picked cream for this one because I was hoping that with being a cotton jersey it would take me into spring.

This is what it looked like when I first finished it.

I say 'looked' as in past tense because it stayed as a dress for all of one day! Oh My Gosh! I can hear you saying it now.... the ruffle on this dress is  A W F U L. A 5 year old would wear this!

I loved the ruffled hem so much on the Christmas Dress, my intention was to replicate it. Although to make it just a little different I made this ruffle wider and also fuller. Big mistake. I hated it. And it looks terrible. What was I thinking? It mightn't have looked quite so bad if I'd gone with the normal 2 1/2 x for the gathers but either way I doubt I'd of liked it.

So anyhow, off came the ruffle and now it's now a jumper! 

How much better does this look? The colour also makes a better jumper than a dress. And it's far more practical too.

My fabric is a decorative cotton jersey from good ol faithful Minerva Crafts which cost me a grand total of £4.50!! You sometimes get what you pay for though as this is not the best quality. But there was no loss at all really in chopping off that despicable ruffle. 
You can just about see the fabric detail here

What is quite noticeable now that this is a jumper, is how it has a much looser fit around the middle without the weight of the skirt pulling down into shape. It looks like I've let it out loads but I haven't altered the fit at all. But I've left it because I don't like my jumpers quite as fitted as my dresses. You can see the fit difference between the dress and top more noticeably from these side on views.

Side on dress

Side on jumper

Totally loving this much more as a jumper. And I am quite proud that I've made yet another practical item for my wardrobe. I lack good basic separates because I just love making dresses, and well, nice things in general!

And the skirt I am wearing is my Mabel from last week! She hasn't seen my uniformed work shirts yet, but she sure is getting acquainted with my (limited!) casual separates at home already.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!

Dawn :)x


  1. I think the ruffle looked fine for a fun dress for Christmas, but I love this transformation. This will be a good basic now and get lots of wear - looks fantastic :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz :) A good staple as some would say! xx

  2. I agree. Much better as a jumper. You could save the bottom portion though and maybe sew in a zip to make it convertible to a ruffle dress. Just a thought. But then again if you hated the ruffle, who wants to zip those memories back on again!

    1. Thanks Star!
      Good idea but Too late.... the ruffle is in the bin! :)x

  3. Cute top looks good with your Mabel. All of us need a few good basic separates in our wardrobe - as a bonus they are usually much quicker to sew and make a change from the more challenging garment sewing

  4. That's a lovely refashion. I like it as a jumper more than the dress too. It looks great with your Mabel :)

  5. Refashioning your fashion is always made easier when you designed it. I think the dress would have really been nice with pleats or less gathers. Both are really nice.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Andrea. Totally agree about less gathers :) x