Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Butterick 5928 ~ Pinky Peplum Gilet

This top came about by accident really. I stumbled across an outfit I liked whilst looking for something else on Pinterest.
There is just something about it that caught my eye and suddenly I was distracted from what I was originally looking for and decided I wanted a similar version of this. Only not in black!

This is my version

The pattern I used is Butterick 5928. Better shown here by the pattern diagram. This has the waterfall collar that I wanted and also a shaped peplum which I love, so I made View A.

The pattern states that this is both fast and easy. I wouldn't exactly say its fast; after all, it's lined, therefore you are basically making this up twice. There is also a lot of time consuming pressing. I have no complaints about either of these (I love anything lined), but I do disagree that this is fast to make. I also had a an issue with the lining being sewn to the jacket at the hemline. It just didn't hang right at the back so I ended up unpicking mine, and hemmed each of them separately.  

Here both fabrics were wanting to pull in different directions, pulling it out of shape
Before (lining stitched to jacket)

And with the lining hemmed separately
AFTER -( Lining separate)

This solved the problem!

As a pattern, it doesn't seem all that popular, nor does it get all that great reviews. I had a couple of issues with it and it does come up big (I had to take quite a bit in at the CB and side back seams). But that said, although I am a bit on the fence with the pattern itself, it was totally worth it because I really like the end result. In hindsight I should have chosen a fabric that creases a little less, but I was just so taken with the look and texture!

Fabric used is polyester viscose woven which has lovely tulle detail all over it. I chose it especially for this top as I wanted a textured random pattern. This fit the bill perfectly. It's available here from Minerva Crafts.

It's rare I do sleeveless unless it's a summer dress, but I actually love this look. I am kind of wondering if my comfort zone will however always put me wearing this with sleeves? But for now, I'm rocking a whole new look!

You can read in more detail about this pattern in my Pattern Review HERE

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Happy sewing!
Dawn :)x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

McCall's 3341 ~ Denim Skirt

Unselfish Sew For My Mom :)

Yes, Yes, should have pressed this! But I folded it for posting, then realised I needed a photo or two...!

Since Mine and Mum's fabric shopping trip last month I have been more excited about sewing for someone else other than me. It was Mum who taught me to sew from such a very young age and I will cherish this gift she has given me forever more.  Mum's kind of lost her sewing mojo of late so its time to give her something back. Clothes for her, Made by me.

 McCalls 3341 Denim Skirt is my first unselfish sew. 
Mum wearing it :)

And it's a pretty good fit too considering I only had measurements to go by with Mum being 270 miles away

And as this is for Mum, I also wanted to make it that extra bit special  by adding some nice finishing touches because I knew she would appreciate these. And she did! So I used a ribbon trim finish to the facing 

 And the hem

and to make some fancy skirt hangers 

For some reason we only bought 1 metre, so finding a pattern to give us enough length and flare that Mum wanted was a bit restricting. But this simple A-line is perfect in denim. 
And because it's a simple, plain design, on completion, I latterly decided to jazz it up a little on the outside by adding the same ribbon trim at the hemline.

It just finishes it off perfectly!

I haven't been this excited about making something in ages. Yes I love sewing, but doing this for my Mum just gave me even more pleasure than usual. And Mum is over the moon with it so I guess that's what you call a job well done :)

I can remember a time when Mum used to make clothes for me. And how proud I'd feel going to school in dresses and coats that everyone admired and no-one else had. 
Now here I am some years later making clothes for Mum.... how times have changed....

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Happy Sewing!

Dawn :) x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fabric Haul at Birmingham Rag Market

So for the first time ever I have bought a stash of fabric on a recent shopping trip with my Mum to the World Famous Birmingham Rag Market

This is my pile

And this is Mum's

Buying in bulk is something I don't usually do. I am more of a "sourcer" if there be such a word? I find what I want to make first and then source the fabric for it.
But with so many wonderful textiles to take advantage of from somewhere I rarely get to go, it was an opportunity not to be missed. 

The favourite of mine is this blue textured jersey knit. Looks a darker blue on the photo than it actually is. I am thinking perhaps Vogue 8873 for this one

No idea what to make with this yet or what type of fabric it is. Doesn't crease and drapes nicely.

Working in the tourist industry we don't see much of summer other than through the windows at work(!) so pretty sure this pink cotton jersey wont get used until our next hot weather holiday is booked!

Another jersey knit (looking a lot like aida here) Oh how I love making and wearing jersey knits. This has fitted dress written all over it

And finally this is a khaki wool blend crepe. For this I have Vogue 1265 in mind. I saw a lovely version of this made by Anelise which made me notice a pattern I'd never previously noticed. The pattern looks really interesting, so thought I'd give it a try sometime.

As for Mum's purchases, I am making her fabrics up also. For the denim, we only had 1 metre so we are using McCall's 3341 for this. 

We are to confer on everything else as we go along but if anyone has any tips on how to work with this concertina fabric, I would be very much obliged!

 This is the same fabric as the black and red that I bought.

Not sure what this one is either but Mum would like a skirt in it

And finally, a cotton jersey 

Guess I am going to be busy for some time....! :)

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Happy Sewing!