Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fabric Haul at Birmingham Rag Market

So for the first time ever I have bought a stash of fabric on a recent shopping trip with my Mum to the World Famous Birmingham Rag Market

This is my pile

And this is Mum's

Buying in bulk is something I don't usually do. I am more of a "sourcer" if there be such a word? I find what I want to make first and then source the fabric for it.
But with so many wonderful textiles to take advantage of from somewhere I rarely get to go, it was an opportunity not to be missed. 

The favourite of mine is this blue textured jersey knit. Looks a darker blue on the photo than it actually is. I am thinking perhaps Vogue 8873 for this one

No idea what to make with this yet or what type of fabric it is. Doesn't crease and drapes nicely.

Working in the tourist industry we don't see much of summer other than through the windows at work(!) so pretty sure this pink cotton jersey wont get used until our next hot weather holiday is booked!

Another jersey knit (looking a lot like aida here) Oh how I love making and wearing jersey knits. This has fitted dress written all over it

And finally this is a khaki wool blend crepe. For this I have Vogue 1265 in mind. I saw a lovely version of this made by Anelise which made me notice a pattern I'd never previously noticed. The pattern looks really interesting, so thought I'd give it a try sometime.

As for Mum's purchases, I am making her fabrics up also. For the denim, we only had 1 metre so we are using McCall's 3341 for this. 

We are to confer on everything else as we go along but if anyone has any tips on how to work with this concertina fabric, I would be very much obliged!

 This is the same fabric as the black and red that I bought.

Not sure what this one is either but Mum would like a skirt in it

And finally, a cotton jersey 

Guess I am going to be busy for some time....! :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh Dawn you have aome fabulous fabrics in that lot.. glad our rag market area didn't disappoint, loving them planned patterns x

    1. It sure didn't Amanda. I must go back for more in the Autumn! x

  2. Hi I've made pyjamas from pink spots cotton jersey like your mums. It's lovely and comfy but if it's the same as mine it has very little recovery and grows each time I wear it.

    1. Thanks Eliza. I'll bare that in mind when we are choosing Mums patterns. Good to know in case its the same. thank you :)x

  3. Pretty fabrics!! Can not wait for the finished garments. Happy sewing, Dawn! :)

  4. They are all lovely - I love the Aida cloth jersey most of all :). The pink patterned jersey will suit you nicely. I thought you must work in Tourism - with your comments about summer being your busy season. Still, we all need to earn a living, so we can buy fabrics..

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. I'm not a huge fan of the sun so it doesnt bother me that I miss most of it. Just as well! x

  5. Nice to see you have a stash now! Love the red and blue print along with the polka dot knit. Can't wait to see what you turn these in to.