Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vogue 8649 ~ Flower Print for Mum

Hello everyone and welcome to my Mum wearing her new Vogue 8649 top. Yes Ok, Mum is blurd, but it's not right to broadcast my Mum to the entire world. Take my word for it, she is stunning!

This is the 2nd item I've made for Mum, this time using the lovely floral jersey bought on our fabric haul in Birmingham Rag Market.
It's got quite a slinky feel to it so I'm guessing it possibly has some viscose content.

It was really nice to sew although it did curl up on the edges.

We used Vogue 8649 and made View A (short sleeves)
There is no photograph for this pattern and the drawings are rather deceptive. I was beginning to think with patterns coming up big, that it was just me. But it's not. When I measured the actual pattern pieces, this needed to be 2 sizes smaller! Even the sleeves and body were long. The sleeves look a good couple of inches above the elbow on the envelope but Goodness me, I cut 2" off these sleeves thinking that would be enough, but as you can see, they are still down to Mum's elbow. 

Luckily this is fine as Mum's like me and loves her arms covered; but I'm wondering if I'd cut View B or C if the sleeves would actually be full length?! The body is also long. I cut 3" off the length of this and it's still loooong....

I'm thinking if you're Grace Jones with super long legs, body and arms, then this is going to fit you a treat haha ;)

It's also quite a low cut "V" (again another deceptive visual on the envelope drawing!) but fortunately I added clear elastic to the neckline to avoid gaping. I also added clear elastic at the shoulders for reinforcement. But you will have to take my word for this as I never think to take photos as I go along!

So on Mum's list, that's now 2 fabrics down, and 3 to go.... !

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Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn x


  1. Very nice. I agree that the v in the front looks lower than on the envelope but it looks great on your Mum. I hope she likes it!

  2. Looks lovely, quite unusual on sizing have generally found vogue pattern to be pretty accurate. ..a rogue vogue!!! I guessing even with the blurr it's your mum you get your fab figure and looks from. Xxx

    1. Oooh Amanda you are toooo kind! Thanks x

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  4. Great blouse for your mom! I really love the print and the blouse suits her nicely :)