Saturday, 13 June 2015

Megan Nielsen ~ Sharing the Brumby Love...

So excited to showcase this skirt. In summary it's a cute little skirt with a cute name. And I just totally love that name "Brumby". It's just magic! Can't help but keep saying it... Brumby, Brumby, Brumby!

Also couldn't help but wonder as I was making this up, if Brumby actually is a word and if so, what it means? So I looked it up... and it is! Wow, Brumby is a free-roaming feral horse in Australia. Which kind of makes sense now with Megan Nielsen being from Australia and this little skirt is full and kinda free-roaming too.

I've made this skirt as part of my June MAGAM challenge. I have done well to get it completed already, but whilst hubby had been on his travels, I therefore had some late nights in the sewing room to keep myself company. And I have to say that Brumby has been the perfect companion.

I am always interested in making things I perhaps wouldn't normally wear and skirts fall into that category for me. Not a huge fan of skirts as anyone who reads my blog regular already knows. But the fitted, contoured waistband of this not only looks great, it actually feels great too! Probably the only comfortable waistband I have ever worn. And believe me, I am the world's greatest waistband critic!
You can see from the side how well it sits into the natural waistline.

The pattern itself is very, very basic. But it's those H u g e fabulous pockets (and that waistband!) that make this one just that little bit different. These pockets are just awesome!

There is quite a lot of top stitching on Brumby Version 1 and my poor Bernina struggled to stitch through the combination of a needlecord fabric, gathers and a jeans zip on the wasitband, so that I had to just top stitch the top waistband and sew down the inside waistband (facing) afterwards by hand.

The instructions are really good and even offer little tips along the way. But even better, for the exposed zip there is THIS fabulous tutorial which I used and highly recommend (Yes, there actually is a proper method!). 
It recommends using glue to secure the zip before sewing. I used wonder tape
Not bad at all for my first attempt

Something else I have never been a huge fan of is exposed zips. Call me old fashioned but you can't beat the simplicity of concealed zip. Or even a lapped zip for that matter. They are just so neat and professional. But having never inserted an exposed zip before, I wanted to learn how they actually went in. And if any style of skirt looks right with an exposed zip, then Brumby is it.

I bought this pattern because the fitted waistband appealed to me and by using a heavy weight fabric, I love the shape of Version 1. Plus I had seen the tutorial for the exposed zip and wanted to try it out. I wasn't sure if I'd actually even like this once I'd done it but I love it so much I can see me making another one of these for Autumn. I think in a heavier weight fabric I can just about get away with wearing a fuller skirt in our windy seaside town! But that said, this pattern definitely lends itself to all season, all occasion skirts.

Thumbs up for Brumby!

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I still have one more project to complete for my MAGAM challenge. But tomorrow I am OFF ALL DAY so fully intend to indulge myself in the sewing room!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :) x


  1. It is a really cute skirt - just right for kicking up your heels, Brumby fashion. I like to try new styles sometimes, more for the learning than the wearing. This skirt looks like a winner though for you, so you have won on many fronts - new techniques, new style, nice new skirt. And some etymological knowledge as well :).

    1. Thanks Sarah LIz. Yes this is a winner for sure! x

  2. Very cute! Who wouldn't love saying the word Brumby!

  3. That is gorgeous. In every way possible and it soo suits u you. I love it so much it's just knocked one of my makes off track and will be using this pattern instead of the intended box pleat .

    1. Thanks Amanda! Looking forward to seeing your version. It will look amazing, as this style is just so very you! x

  4. That is gorgeous. In every way possible and it soo suits u you. I love it so much it's just knocked one of my makes off track and will be using this pattern instead of the intended box pleat .

  5. What a pretty skirt! Gorgeous fabric and details :) I really love the exposed zipper and I am trying to work with it. Thanks for the inspiration <3