Monday, 28 December 2015

McCalls 7047 ~ Black and White Sparkle!

Greetings fellow bloggers, I hope you have all had a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas! I didn't get to do any Christmas sewing this year but I did get in a fair bit of sewing over the autumn months. And this is one of them. Here, I give you the second out of 3 evening gowns recently made

It kind of feels like I got this one on the cheap as my fabric is leftover from a previous project (HERE) which was purchased from Truro Fabrics. The black is no longer listed but it is now available in Navy Blue and a gorgeous Christmas Cranberry Red instead. I almost bought the red this season but thought better of it as I don't need it! How's that for will power?!

The pattern is McCalls 7047 which is one of those mix and match patterns.

I made the red version but added the train and also the cowl back neckline. The back is quite low cut so I added 2" to this just so I could comfortably wear a bra underneath. I'm glad I did as even with the added 2" this back is certainly low enough for me!

I absolutely love everything about this pattern. The style, the combinations, the fit, construction, everything!! So much so, I have fabric to make this again already. But it's the peplum that sold it to me in the first place

It's been a few weeks since I made this one but if memory serves I didn't change anything else other than the lining construction. The  waist seam was visible on the inside as was the skirt lining seams. So for a clean finish, I altered mine. Details of this are on My Sewing Pattern Review but you can see my enclosed waist seam here, which I hand stitched down.

As I said about the previous dress I made (HERE), the same goes for this one; I wish I hadn't added the train. They just drag behind, and with this fabric I kept catching my heel in it. Not ideal, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! 

Apologies for looking a bit windswept on the photos... the hair didn't behave itself but at least the dress did :)

For the contrast collar I just used a plain white polyester jersey which if memory serves me right, possibly has some viscose content in it. It worked well for this dress anyways, making the collar more of a feature.

As you may have noticed, I couldn't decide at first on white or black gloves. But on heading out, I finally went with the black :)

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Happy New Year to you all and
Best Wishes for 2016

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Dressed for Dinner ~ Vogue 1475

Hooray! It's Christmas time! And time to break out the Christmas party dresses. This dress I didn't make for a party but for one of our holiday formal evenings last month.

 Love them or hate them, the best thing about formal evenings is being able to make a dress that you would have absolutely no other reason to wear. No posh shindigs in my life anyway!

Of course packing for such an event can be quite traumatic. I mean, who wants to see their hard work folded up into a suitcase and pulled out the other end like it was a tossed out piece of rag?! So I always try to go for gowns in glamorous jerseys because not only do I love wearing knits, they are perfect for holiday packing. They come out of the case as good as crease free.

So when I saw Vogue 1475 I didn't need to look at or ponder this pattern twice. Oh no. This had my name written all over it. The line drawings show the true beauty of this pattern. 

I couldn't have designed this for myself any better. And this pattern appeared just as I began my search. It was meant to be. I like being covered up so the long sleeves and skirt are ideal for me but 
I also have such a love of asymmetrical gathered bodices and this is probably my current favourite

Even the fabric kind of fell into my lap. I wanted a lightweight  stretch velvet and on my search  Minerva Crafts turned out this one.

Catalogue Photo

Its a Persia Floral burn out stretch velvet (available HERE) and I  Loved it straight away. Loved it all the more when the swatch arrived. This is the perfect fabric for this dress. Not cheap, but boy it is worth every penny! (Besides, how much would this dress cost RTW?) And the icing on the cake is that it was even beautiful to work with. I was expecting it to be a sewing nightmare. Not the case at all. In fact, I love this fabric so much, I have since bought the same one in red! 

As it's a Vogue pattern, it's made how it should be. Proper quality finish. I omitted the zip when making this because it just didn't need it. Other than that, I made no other alterations. Although if I were to make this again I would omit the train also. Not much point just having it dragging behind you! Not that I will ever make this again as I have no further need for another dress like this, but imagine this sleeveless. Awesome! 

We are off on our travels again next year, and this dress is definitely coming with once again

And finally, one last "Ship Shot" 

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Latest fabric Spree at Birmingham's Rag Market

  So before hubs and I sailed away on our holiday, my lovely Mum and I managed to pay our second visit of the year to the Birmingham Rag Market. My goodness look at all this fabric!!!

And this isn't all of it! 

We both had an eye for this red and black jersey so we bought 5 metres

This one, also a jersey, was a remnant piece as a bit had bit cut out of it, so I got this for just £2!

Plus I also have this loose knit fabric that I bought from Minerva Crafts still to make up. 

Oh! and not forgetting this small suitcase literally full of fabric, kindly donated to me from one of my Mum's generous friends

Surely this means that even though half of the Birmingham Spree is Mum's, I officially have a "stash" now?!!

Feeling very excited at the prospect of all this future sewing! Time to get busy....

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vogue 8780 ~ Waterfall Cardigan

Ok so I am rather late (a few years late) in jumping onto the waterfall cardigan/jacket bandwagon but we had a holiday coming up and I was Pintresting ideas for a throw over. Our holiday was cruising the Iberian coast and with it being November, I was expecting it to be a little chilly, especially in the evenings. And as suspected, at times, the wind did ensure this ! (as you can see from some of these rather windswept-me photos!)

Not a huge fan of wearing baggy clothes but as pintrest kept throwing these images at me, I started warming to the idea. And I think I may have actually pulled this one off!

Sew Direct were having a sale on Vogue patterns and V8780 fit the bill perfectly. It's since been discontinued and is OOP but it's certainly currently still available for purchase here in the UK.

It's meant to be a coat/jacket pattern,  but it was a cardigan I needed and although it doesn't specify on the pattern envelope, I had read elsewhere that this best suited to stretch knits. So the hunt began for a suitable fabric, and as luck would have it, I found one right form the off!

My fabric is THIS Spanish bobble textured stretch jersey from Minerva Crafts

Catalogue Photo
I sent for a swatch and I was over joyed when it arrived that I had found the perfect fabric instantly. Not only does this not fray (required for this pattern), I loved both the right and wrong sides! The right side
is soft and bobbly in subtle shades of pale greens, blues and yellows on a black background.

Yet the wrong side is dots of the same colours (obviously) but the colours look deeper as the black is more prominent.

As this pattern shows both the right and wrong sides of the fabric, both sides are visible, and I like that. 

This is probably one of the quickest items I had sewn in a long time. Cut and complete in just a couple of hours. What makes this so fast is the no hemming, so do bare this in mind when choosing a fabric for this; the edges are left raw.

And I certainly got my wear out of this on the earlier windy days!

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