Friday, 22 January 2016

New Look 6802 ~ Pebbles at Sea

I am so far behind in my Blogging that I am still trying to catch up on my last projects from 2015. This is one that I made back in October for our holiday. We've just got back from another holiday in NYC (which was awesome btw) but more on that another time! Back to what I came here to talk about...

I've lost count how many times I have now made this dress. But don't you just love it when you find a pattern that you keep coming back to. I know I have said at least once that I "probably won't make this again" but hey... I did!

The pattern is now old and discontinued (New Look 6802) and it is meant for stretch knits. My fabric isn't. I cut a size bigger which kind of works, but it didn't hang as nice as it does in the right fabric. For this dress I used a John Kaldor Spotty Print in polyester crepe (now reduced to £3.99!)  And as lovely as it is, I should have used it for something else.

I made View C with the long sleeves of View A and I also lengthened it to make into a maxi dress. Also with the fabric not being of stretchy nature, I had to add an invisible zip in the centre back seam. Other than that, it's just as it should be.

A close up shows this lovely fabric much better. The print reminds me of pebbles!

It's a fun dress and I wore it for a 70's night on holiday. But the knotted bodice detail is wasted on this this beautifully patterned fabric and it wasn't all that comfortable to wear. But you win some, lose some and you live and learn! And it served it's purpose for a fun night at sea.

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Friday, 8 January 2016

MCcalls 7186 ~ Blue Lagoon

It's been an absolute age since I made this dress! I bought the pattern as soon as it came out and made it straight away with fabric I already had from my fabric shopping spree with Mum back in March at the Birmingham Rag Market. I hadn't forgotten that I had this dress, but I had forgotten that I never got around to blogging it!

Photos were taken on our recent holiday (I am so behind on blogging)but it's taken me so long to get the photos up on the blog, this dress is packed again waiting on our next voyage! So with photos fresh from November holidays, here it is. Finally!

This pattern is McCalls 7186 

And as you can tell, I made View B

I love the gathered shoulders, the gathers in the left bodice and the asymmetrical styling but one dislike was the double layered front.  The right front wraps over the left so it makes sense that the left hand side doesn't need to be full length. So I cut my left front off at hip length. This gives less bulk, a neater hem and also made the front hang much better.

This style dress is my weakness. I cannot resist them. Love making them, love wearing them. But the reality of it is, for my lifestyle, I really only need one dress like this. Two at a push! Sadly I just do not have the lifestyle for dresses like this. Not as many as I have anyway. So I am publicly making this Final note to self: Do not buy (or make)  any more gathered bodice fitted dress patterns!! 

But just to make that statement a little harder, this is DH's favourite dress! (And trust me, there isn't many he comments on un- prompted to this must be good!) ;)

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