Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Modern Essential ~ Simplicity 2556

It's been finished for weeks and finally it's here; my project for April's (yes April's!)MAGAM Challenge. The theme for April was to use the oldest piece of fabric in your stash. Up until this past 12 months or so I never really had much of a stash, so the pieces of fabric I had beforehand were few and far between. 

This piece of faux moleskin I bought back in the 90's and although I still have a couple of other pieces also from the 90's they were all bought together so are as old as each other! I can even remember buying them, back in the day when department stores still used to sell fabrics and haberdasheries. These were from the CO-OP in Plymouth and the fabric department was closing down; hence the multi purchases! But it also came at a time when my life was changing, sewing dried up and I never got to use them.

So some 20+ years later one of my oldest pieces of fabric is now a waistcoat. Hooray!! I did actually use some of this for a previous MAGAM challenge (Here) to make binding for a skirt, so using what was left for a waistcoat was ideal.

For the lining, I teamed it for contrast with what was my newest piece of fabric at the time, THIS poly cotton from Minerva Crafts. It says it's "orange" but it's not, it's mustard. Mustard is a colour I am loving at the moment.
Minerva Catalogue Photo

My pattern is the now OOP Simplicity 2556 (but still available for sale on amazon/ebay/etsy etc) . I have previously used this pattern for View A (HERE) but this time I chose View C without the collar and faux welt pocket detail because I chose to pipe the front seams in my contrast fabric and use fancy buttons instead.

The buttons are a little too heavy for this really, but the colour match and pattern were so perfect that I couldn't resist and so looked no further.

I also used the contrast for the back tab

I love the back!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :) x


  1. Nice work! Love your piping. Moleskin seams a perfect option for a vest.

  2. I love what you have done with this vest - nice job

  3. Very nice! I like the piping accent.

  4. I agree with Maureen - the moleskin is perfect for this vest - as are the buttons, sort of give it a folkloric European look - and certainly do work nicely with the piping accents and lining. And you look lovely in mustard too - and your new hair style as well :)

  5. You did a great job, your vest is so cool! Love the lining and piping :) Now, I really want to make a vest for myself :)

    1. Thanks Hana! You would look lovely in a vest

  6. Super cute vest! Your whole outfit is super cute! :)

  7. I like the details you have incorporated into your waistcoat. And the way you have styled it too!

  8. Love your waistcoat with the colorful mustard lining - it goes perfectly with the pants!