Tuesday, 11 October 2016

M7100 ~The Bomber is back!

Introducing my first completed make from the new Sewing Room

After being cramped up on an office desk, having an entire room to sew in again made this such a luxury to make. Honestly, I love my new room sooooo much, even when I haven't been sewing, I've had to keep going in there just for a peep! It's by no means finished, it's a WIP but it's a working space and right now that feels A M A Z I N G. I will eventually get a post up with some photos of the new room (for those on IG, you have already had a sneaky peak!) but for now, it's back to the Bomber....

 I love wearing jackets. I love layering up, and I love this time of year as it's perfect for that extra said layer. Nothing excites me more than pulling on a jacket or coat and a pair of boots! Autumn is in the air at last.

And as much as I love wearing a jacket, I love making them just as much. It always gives me such a sense of satisfaction, and above all, I tend to get more wear out of a jacket than I do anything else.

I had been looking at making another version of my Burda 7140 when the McCalls Bomber Jacket Sew-along popped up. I loved these jackets back in the 80's and even made myself one then. So I was reminded of how much I loved them, and my attention immediately switched to making a Bomber instead. And I'm so glad I did. I had forgotten just how much I love this style of jacket. All hail the Bomber! These jackets are everywhere.

My Pattern is M7100 and I made View B with the contrast sleeves and welt pockets.

The main body of the Bomber is Brocade, which I think was kindly gifted to me last year by one of my Mum's friends. It's fabulous close up

There was only 1 metre so I hunted around for some contrast for the sleeves. I found This Here perfect fabric but kept on looking just in case. Then when I decided nothing else was going to come close and came to buy it, it had been reduced to £2.99 pm. It was meant to be!
It's not so easy to take a photo of black, but this sideways on shot shows the texture of the fabric at it's best
It has the rippled effect just like the Brocade :)

I don't like unlined jackets so I decided to add lining to my Bomber. A lining makes a jacket so much more comfortable to wear, easier to get on and off and not to mention all the finished loveliness inside! I slip stitched the lower edge to the ribbing to finish off (In this photo, it's still only pinned) I just found it easier that way and I was too impatient to wait for the McCall Sew Along "adding a lining" week to see how they did it!

The lining itself was was also from the gifted, full of fabrics suitcase from my Mum's friend. I also used it to line the pockets. The pattern states to use main fabric but I wanted a lighter weight. Plus, it looked good!

The instructions for this are a little ropey in places (See my Pattern Review) but there is a revised edition online. Overall though, I think I can safely say that this is probably my favourite make of this year so far. And already probably the most worn too!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!