Saturday, 11 March 2017

Closet Case Files ~ For the Love of Carolyn

If you heard a rumour that Closet Case Files Carolyn was the best pyjama pattern in town, I believe you heard right.
There is no denying this pattern is beautifully drafted and the fit is just spot on. These are undoubtedly cut for the feminine figure but with just enough ease to be super comfy. It's certainly a far cry from the Butterick pyjama pattern I made a couple of years ago (HERE) and I thought they were good!

 I cut a Size 6 based on the pattern measurements and  I needed no amendments. That said, I did have to cut 2" off the trouser length just so I could fit all my pattern pieces on the fabric (it was very tight!). I intended to add the length back in with  the trouser cuffs but as it turned out, I didn't need to. For me, the length was perfect 2" shorter.

(Apologies this post is rather picture heavy!
Because the shirt has a lot more work than the trousers, I decided to make this first.  I didn't seem to accomplish much during the first week. Using some plain polycotton in cream, I made my own binding and piping and attached the pocket. That was about it!

For the binding I used the  CCF online tutorial which is pretty awesome.The Piping itself I was already familiar with but again there is a useful tutorial on Piping for those what need it.

However by the end of that week, I was on a roll. Sunday was wet and horrible, DH was out, so what better way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon than in the sewing room? That enitre afternoon was spent just doing the collar and lapels alone. Heck that process is time consuming! And a little challenging and fiddly! The instructions though are great with some clever tutorials on the website to help with the collar and piping.Whilst the leaflet instructions are good, the tutorial (which I used) on the closet case website  is excellent. It's quite a fiddly process so time and patience is certainly required. But it's worth it and very satisfying.
By the end of Sunday, I felt as though I had achieved a lot. Finally these were starting to come together.

There is no yoke on this pattern and it doesn't need one. But I decided to add my own little detail for the inside back, just to give it that personal touch and a little special-ness on the inside! 

I used a french seam on all seams, including the armholes, because again, it's just a bit of nice-ness on the inside. And more comfy too seeing as theses are jim-jams! 

I picked up the little dainty flower buttons in a local haberdashery. Spotted them straight away and knew these were the ones. I bought one extra for the pyjama bottoms on the waistband. Again, decorative only

The bottoms were a lot less time consuming than the top. The faux fly is a nice touch. My only addition to the bottoms is piping on the pockets. I used my contrast fabric for the pockets so as the piping edged the 2 colours on everything else, it made sense to pipe the pockets as well.

So there you have it.  Almost 3 weeks in the making but the time and effort was worth it. The only regret I have is not using the contrast fabric for the pocket cuff (above the piping) I think that little detail would have made all the difference. It's minor I know, but I wish I'd have done it all the same.

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  1. Oh these are super cute! Love all of the piping details and I didn't know the bottoms had pockets! Bonus! I may just have to buy this pattern and give it a try.

    1. Thanks Star! The pattern is worth every penny. (Or cent in your case!)

  2. Really cute. Hope you stay toasty

  3. Epic! I would now consider this pattern for myself!

  4. I love it! Pretty pyjama and really enjoyed all the details. Well done!

  5. You are right, these pyjamas certainly have just the right shape, so flattering. Mind you, I still like the classic old jim-jams that you made before! Such a great fabric, and good idea to use poly cotton for the piping - not so thick. Everything about these is gorgeous, and I love the label on your yoke. And the buttons were made for this.

    1. Thanks sarah Liz. I am still wearing the old jim jams too!