Tuesday, 25 April 2017

M6996 ~ Belted Beige Jacket

Hands held up, I wasn't going to blog this one. I just don't like it. Ever had one of those moments when you think something is a great idea and then when its too late, you realise it probably wasn't one of your best? Well I got that with this. For some reason, as soon as I'd cut this out, I just wasn't feeling it. Soon after cutting, I then received an email to say the lining I had ordered was to be delayed, so I don't think that helped as I made up the fabric and then it sat unfinished for over a week. So of course by the time the lining did arrive, I was feeling it even less and had to force myself to finish. And finish it I must as I hate UFO's! I can't move onto something else until current project is done and dusted. 

The pattern is M6996 which is meant for stretch knits. I've had this stretch woven jacquard fabric in my stash for a few months and decided to give it a go with this pattern. Whilst it has its fair share of stretch, it doesn't have quite as much as recommended on the pattern gauge. I also wanted to line this, so baring both these factors in mind, I cut a Medium as opposed to my usual Small. Whilst the medium is Ok, I think I could have gotten away with the small. I was lazy and didn't fit this. Plus, I always use my lining for fitting, and I didn't have it!

The one thing I do love about this jacket, is the gathers at the back of the collar. But of course, this will always be hidden by my hair!!

But the real best thing about this little jacket, is the fabric. Made into something else it would have been lovely(!) because the detail of it is rather nice! 

The description on the Minerva Crafts website says that it's gold. It isn't. It's beige and cream. And I lined it with cream to compliment it.

Maybe its better un-belted? I don't know... 

Oh yeah, and speaking of the belt, somehow I even managed to stretch it whilst sewing!! 😠

Either way, belted or no, I get the feeling that this one was just not meant to be. Well there had to be one; I'd been on a roll with successful makes.... until now. 
I think I'll just put this one down to experience!

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

M7477 ~ Cape of our Hero

Ok, so I stole the title from a song by one of my favourite bands. I couldn't resist. I'm a metal-head who likes to sew and for once the 2 have come together. Who'd of thought? If you read on, you'll see why I thought it just seems kinda appropriate for this make.  Anyway, Moving on...😏

 I have wanted to make a cape for the last couple of years. I kept seeing them, admiring them and thinking "I need to make one of these!" But that's as far as I got.
About a year ago, I actually started to look at patterns. But the more I looked, the more I started to think that a cape is just going to swamp me. I'm not too comfortable with lots of excess fabric around my body. And what of our windiest climate in the land that I live in? Surely wearing a cape I am  literally going to turn into a Super Hero and take off in the wind?!!

So I had more or less poo-poo'd the idea when I came across M7477. It was View C which appealed, with it's shorter length, high collar and belt around the middle. I pinned it, kept looking around, but kept coming back to to it. 

I sent for some fabric swatches and instantly fell in love with this beautiful wool tweed. It was bought, as was the pattern, and a match was made. That was last October. This was made in March!

The fabric was purchased from Minerva Crafts but it's since sold out. I really wanted a beautiful gold colour for lining and I very nearly ordered some. What stopped me was seeing this lovely raspberry pink on the shelf that was gifted to me from my Mum's friend. There is quite a few metres of it so it seemed daft not to use it when it does actually match.

You can see the lining peeping out at the sleeve here

I know that Spring is now here, but I'm kind of hoping that this will see me through on the cooler days when I don't actually want to wear a bulky coat. And it's not raining. Or windy. And I have somewhere nice to go. Ha! And that's of course if I can get used to wearing it as well! Like this as I do, I'm just not sure yet if it's really me. Plus, it has one minor flaw which, when done up and belted, it's nigh impossible to raise your hands above your head! Not that I'm some raving loony that goes racing around with my arms in the air, but it's kind of restricted, you know? But we'll see. I love the look of it so I intend to persevere.

This is about as high as your arms will get!

Undone, it looks a completely different jacket, but I can't see myself wearing it like this

The whole thing went together really quickly. Which was just as well considering. There I was, sat in the sewing room, minding my own business getting ready to sew the collar on, when in walks DH with a crowbar! He had decided it was time to finish the rest of my (unfinished) sewing room and start by ripping out an unwanted wardrobe! But anyway, more about that in a later post. Fortunately I was able to finish this off in a different room. I used Seam Tape Interfacing on all the seams to stop them from stretching whilst sewing and to also give it some stability. I love this stuff!!

The front is fastened with snap fasteners (size 10 press studs). I was going to sew buttons onto the outside to finish it off, but I sewed on one and decided it look much better without any. So I've left it.  The belt is attached by leaving gaps in the side front and side back seams so the belt can be threaded through to the inside

I was also going to stitch a patch pocket to the inside of the lining, so I at least had some kind of pocket, but with the upheaval of packing up, when I finally came back to finish this, I'd forgotten all about the pocket. In went the lining and that was that. By the time I thought about the pocket, it was too late! Not to worry, I am happy with this the way it is. The fabric sells it. It wouldn't matter what you made in this fabric, it's just so lovely, anything would look nice. And it feels so luxurious when I am wearing it.

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