Sunday, 3 September 2017

M7242 Autumn Maxi MAGAM

Sarah Liz of SarahLizsewstyle has done it again. As host of the MAGAM challenge, every month she seems to come up with a theme that prompts me to make something that I've been meaning to make for months. This months theme "Artful August" was no exception. I remembered this rather abstract Polyester Crepe (Here) that I purchased from Minerva Crafts over a year ago with every intention of making M7242 by Laura Ashley, for late summer early Autumn. Only I didn't. Yet here we are one year on and its slotted perfectly into this months Artful August.

I am slightly late in posting, but this was indeed finished all in good time for the end of August. It's even been worn more than once. Yaay!
As you can see, I made The Maxi version, View D. This was my original intention, but when I came to start it, I was pretty tempted to make View B, as I can just see this worn with a pair of knee boots! But that would be for much cooler weather for which this fabric is not suitable. Plus, I wanted this to be a transition piece to take me from late summer into autumn. So it was back to Plan A  (or to avoid confusion, should I say Plan D 😆!).

The long sleeves make it perfect for the time of year, as I don't really want to be throwing a cardigan over it. Being long in length also, it will give me limited wearing time due to our unpredictable seasons, but its the transitional pieces that I find I'm often short of and this fills a bit of that gap. The fabric is weighty enough for the long skirt, but still gives ideal drape. I've added a  belt due to the elasticated waist, which whilst that makes for very comfortable wearing, I'm not so keen on the look. 

Plus it breaks up all the busy-ness of the fabric 😀

This little beauty below is an absolute gem. It was only the second time I have used it and I'd certainly got it mastered down to a tee this time. For once I enjoyed doing buttonholes. Or rather, I enjoyed watching the machine do buttonholes! Trying to get every single one to the exact length on my old Bernina 1015 was testing to say the least!

The buttons, were rescued from an old shirt (you can see that HERE) which I made back in 2013. The shirt had seen better days but the buttons were still like new so I took them all off before binning the shirt and kept them. Im so glad I did as they are perfect for this dress. Plus there is a still a spare should I lose one. Bonus! Does anyone else rescue buttons off worn out clothes? Or is that just something I picked off from my Mum? Her excuse is she was a war baby and anything that could be re-used, was. My excuse... is my Mum 😄


Oooh and one thing I almost forgot to mention is the pockets!! This has pockets!! Cant beat a dress with in seam pockets in my book. I cut these in a lightweight stretch lining to avoid bulk.

And as I don't want to leave with a photo with my back to you (as that would just be rude) here's just one more....

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 

Happy Sewing!


  1. That turned out very nice Dawn! I see the curly hair is back too! Love them both!

  2. Love this ensemble on you - fun! I like the elasticized band you are wearing. I think it defines the waist quite nicely. Oh I too recycle buttons from older worn out clothing. Hey, if it works, it works!

  3. I always love your romantic style Dawn, and this is no exception. And I think the belt really makes this dress - it really wouldn't look as nice with the elastic waist - I agree with you. And yes, I always recycle buttons, and anything else that is worth recycling - my Mum was waste not, want not as well. Nowadays I think the term has been refashioned into upcycling, refashioning, or sustainable sewing. We were all there first, thanks to our Mums! And thanks for your reference to me, though you praise me far too much :) :)

    1. The praise is very much deserved! And thank you