Monday, 30 October 2017

The Blackwood Cardigan

As a regular user of Instagram, I had seen the Blackwood Cardigan from  Helen's Closet popping up everywhere. I liked it instantly, but when I saw that it was only available as PDF pattern, I instantly dismissed it. Cutting and sticking is not my thing at all and I am always itching to get sewing as it is, without having all that to do first. But the more wonderful versions I saw of this pattern, the more I realised I was going to have to succumb.

And succumb I did. This was so worth all the cutting and sticking. Its not going to be a regular thing for me but I think  I could be tempted if something else jumps out as much as this did.

Printing, sticking and cutting aside, it makes up easy and quick thereafter.
There is no hemming on this cardigan. All the edges are on a fold so if you've got a fabric that you are unsure about hemming, this is the perfect pattern. No wavy edges here!

The sleeves are very long (they are meant to be) so I shortened mine by 1 1/2 inches before adding the cuff.  I only have a vest top under this and the sleeves are still a tad long, but over a jumper, the sleeves are perfect.

The main fabric from Sewsewsew is a polycotton lycra boucle. It doesn't have a huge amount of stretch across the width, so I cut my pattern crosswise where the stretch was greater.
I used a plain navy ponte knit for the cuff and pocket tops. I wanted the front band in navy too, but I didn't have enough as it was just a remnant piece left over from a skirt

I did find this comes up small. I've not seen anyone else mention this so it could be my fabric? My measurements were for a small but I measured the pattern pieces and it appeared that the Medium would give me more room to wear tops underneath. I'm so glad I went with this as the sleeve width is just about ok and the fit everywhere else is perfect. Had I made a small, I think it would have been a tad too small for me, especially with a jumper underneath in the cooler weather.

The appeal of this is it's a fabulous layering piece, without covering up what you're wearing underneath. It's classic and stylish  with a comfort factor all thrown into one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sewing 


  1. You have done such a fantastic job with this cardigan. I love the print you chose and the coordinating contrast details are the perfect blue. Love it!

  2. A stunning cardigan - and very clever in that it has eliminated hemming, which is such a problem area for many sewers, especially if they only have a sewing machine. It is so smart - and yes, if you have used a fairly firm, stable knit, it will be a little small. Plus the sizing must be so different from the Big 4, which we are more used to. I am with you on the PDF's - they are also a nuisance to store. But occasionally, when needs must...